YOYOW Token Is Terminating its ERC-20 Contract! What Will Investors Do?


A significant part of cryptocurrencies is classified as ERC-20 or BEP-20. These tokens, which are printed on networks such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, eventually complete their mainnet operations and leave the slot where they were born. YOYOW does something similar to this and aims to go beyond being an ordinary token.

Terminating the ERC-20 Contract

The products have been continuously iterated and upgraded since the YOYOW mainnet was launched on September 6, 2017, and network improvements have continued. at the first token distribution in 2017, the tokens in circulation at that time were ERC-20, as the main network has not yet been released YOYOW it was their token. After that, the YOYOW network has completed the main network broadcast, and all exchanges have completed the main network token exchange and the main network exchange.

in 2019 YOYOW Foundation, Announced that it will phase out the ERC-20 token agreement. Then, more ERC-20 YOYOW token, the main network has completed its token exchange. So far, at least 20% of the ERC-99,5 YOYOW tokens have been transferred to the YOYOW mainnet, and the tokens circulating in various scenarios and exchanges are YOYOW mainnet tokens. Therefore, the YOYOW Foundation recommends using ERC-20, which has no effect on the majority of existing users YOYOW he decided to completely disable the token contract.

Token commented positively on the latest news as expected.

What about the YOYOW Tokens on the ERC-20 Network?

If your YOYOW tokens are included in the 0.05 tranche, you must contact the YOYOW Foundation before February 28, 2022 to complete the token exchange. For applications for the exchange of ERC-20 YOYOW tokens after February 28, 2022, the YOYOW Foundation will charge a 10% transaction fee. After June 30, 2022, the YOYOW Foundation will completely stop processing ERC-20 YOYOW token exchange requests.

How Will the ERC-20 YOYOW Token Exchange Be?

Send the ETH ”0.000000+YOYOW mainnet username” to the following Ethereum address:


For example, if the YOYOW main network username is 88888, then 0.00000088888 ETH should be sent to the address above.

To confirm the exchange with the YOYOW Foundation, contact the official channel manager of YOYOW via Telegram. If you don’t use Telegram, you can use the develations@yoyow.you can also send an e-mail to or. The YOYOW Foundation will then exchange the remaining ERC-20 YOYOW tokens at Ethereum.

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