Will the Price of Chiliz (CHZ) Rise? Socios Is Breaking the Record with the Latest Deals!


There are three things that even people who have never been interested in cryptocurrencies know about Chiliz, Socios and the token of their own team. This is an extremely important detail. A large market that has nothing to do with sundays and cryptocurrencies has been entered, and Socios has achieved extremely successful business in the field of sports.

The Impact of Fan Tokens on the Crypto Currency Markets

First of all, we need to understand well what Socios and Chiliz (CHZ) are doing. As we mentioned above, they have signed up for a successful business such as directing people who have nothing to do with crypto currencies to this field. Socios provides millions of participants to the ecosystem only through an agreement it has made. Considering that Juventus has 20 million fans, you can calculate how much the sports-oriented fan token sector can grow.

Galatasaray has earned 300 Million TL this year alone. There are hundreds of alternative customers, such as Galatasaray, who owe this to the agreement they made with Socios. Every day Socios is increasing its influence and becoming stronger.

The point of view of fans on fan token projects is extremely important. It’s no wonder that people who have never bought Bitcoin in their life only allocate a budget so that their team can earn money and their token will be valued. If you are a fan or even a fan of a team, you need to understand this situation very well. Remember the expenses you make, despite the fact that the licensed products of the team are expensive to the stores where they are sold, and millions like you, of course, the same goes for team tokens.

Team Tokens Attract Fans

Fans all over the world want to support the team they keep. This is the most important point of the success of Socios and Chiliz (CHZ). October addition, a more wonderful detail has arrived. Now token holders can direct the team they keep on many issues. For example, surveys are opening on the colors of the team bus, the details of the goalkeeper’s glove, and thousands more. Token holders guide their teams in accordance with their ideas on such issues, almost like shareholders of the company. Later on“ “shall we send the technical director? do not be surprised if you see that polls such as ” ” have been opened and token holders have expressed an opinion here. Of course, for this to happen, team tokens need to reach more owners.

The part up to now was about the philosophy of Socios and Chiliz (CHZ) and the power behind it.

Socios Chiliz (CHZ) Agreements

Finally, tokens printed for Aston Martin Cognizant were listed on the Chiliz Exchange. And today we read the news that the NBA Giant has signed with the Boston Celtics Socios. The company signs agreements with institutions in many parts of the world very quickly. This circumstance certainly affects the price and the future of the company.

Alanyaspor, Milan and Goztepe Spor, as well as the Portuguese Football Federation, Sao Paulo, UFC, e-Sports giant Vitality, Valencia, Philadelphia, Atletico Mineiro, Bursaspor, Argentine Football Federation, Socios have a business partnership. Of course, it is not limited to these, and it does not seem to be limited either.

Will the Price of Chiliz (CHZ) Rise?

Regardless of the direction of the markets, CHZ prices can make movements according to incoming news. The main reason for this is that Socios is a digital currency like CHZ. Working with the blockchain infrastructure, Socios has its own digital currency and it is valued almost like a company stock. You can think of it just like dec relationship between Ripple and XRP.

First of all, we need to decisively understand the connection between Chiilz (CHZ) and Socios. For this purpose, we have worked out the philosophy behind it in great detail above. For all these reasons, Chiliz (CHZ) prices are moving in a news indexed manner.

Dec may 20, if you examine the Chiliz (CHZ) price, you can see that it has been going between the same bottom and peak levels compared to other crypto assets. The main reason for these movements is the news flow. For example, the Boston Celtics news that came today caused the price to increase by 12% and the volume to increase by 220%. What does such an increase in volume mean? It is precisely this: ”if investors who want to make a profit did not sell intensively”, the price could have risen much higher with this volume. It seems that Chiliz (CHZ), whose current market value exceeds $ 1.6 billion, will continue to be priced with the news of the partnership.

Crypto currency, which performs quite well compared to an asset with a total supply of 8 billion units, can reach much better levels if it does not encounter strong competitors in the sunday.

Of course, the information shared here contains only the details of the project and the token. There is absolutely no investment guidance or advice. Knowing that the crypto currency sector is an extremely risky investment area, it is definitely in your best interest to make transactions as a result of your own research.

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