Why Does Decentraland (MANA) Come to the Fore in the Metaverse Space? The Difference from Other Projects


Decentraland (MEANING), which began to appear on the agenda more and more often as the Metaverse universe gained wide recognition and popularity. MANA gives positive signals on behalf of the short-term rise, while expectations are in a very positive direction.

Impressive Performance from MANA

Viewed from a fundamental perspective MEANING, it has the potential to leave many milestones behind on the metaverse train. MEANING, It had experienced a 555% increase in two days following Facebook’s metaverse move. The popular crypto currency has entered a cooling-off period after overbought and is in the process of trying to form the basis of new highs.

Decentraland is a blockchain-based 3D metaverse platform that allows users to personalize their avatars and purchase land in the virtual world. MEANING, used as the platform’s native cryptocurrency. With the proliferation of projects in the dec, MANA stands out from these studies for two reasons.

Features that Distinguish Decentraland from Other Metaverse Projects

Following the rebranding of Facebook with the Meta name on October 28, SoftBank and many other investors have allocated capital or established funds for such projects. These tokens have been maintaining an upward trend for almost a month. SAND, MANA and ENJ crypto coins such as are traded at the price discovery stage while maintaining the trend.

Returning to Decentraland, the token is backed by major players such as Digital Currency Group, Genesis One Capital and Fundamental Labs. Grayscale, it has 18.4 million MANA tokens valued at $71.6 million. This means that investors are involved in the business for the long term and the sector has more room to grow.

On the other hand, Decentraland Axie Infinity or The Sandbox what completely distinguishes it from competitors such as is that it is the only project that offers a 3D experience to its users. In turn, many popular projects are 2D or do not have a working prototype. Although there are many projects that claim to be in the Metaverse ecosystem, they consist of 2D games that allow users to buy and sell with NFT collections.

MEANING, The Metaverse accounts for 17.45% of the market capitalization share and has a 3D universe with working models that allow users to purchase land, customize it, and actively explore the virtual environment. For these reasons Decentralandthis leads to the fact that it takes a larger share of the metaverse pie and, perhaps, creates the potential to surpass Axie Infinity.

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