What is the Latest Situation in the Ripple (XRP) and SEC Case?


The latest development in the XRP case is that the court RippleThe October October October 22, 2021, move to sign the agreement’s attachments was in response to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) application to submit three additional documents for camera review on October 15, 2021.

The Development of the XRP and SEC Case

According to Ripple’s signature appeal, the defendants had already met with the SEC, and the plaintiff expressed no objection to submitting these materials under signature. In addition, the defense noted that both documents filed under the signature are kept secret by the SEC. However, the SEC has not taken an absolute stand against the redaction or seal of the documents in question. Ripple he noted that the documents are part of the “discovery materials submitted to the court in connection with disputes related to the discovery”, which are also considered confidential by the SEC. Therefore, the defendants argued that these documents are not judicial documents and do not have public access.

3 October Document Dispute

Recently, the October 3 document dispute has gained importance due to the consistent efforts of the SEC to take a protective decision. On October 22 Ripple, He responded to the SEC’s letter with a description of the privilege claims, along with a redacted version of 3 october documents requested by the defendants for camera review. But what shocked the community was Ripple’s request to disclose these documents to the defense. It seemed strange that the defendants were struggling to have documents that had never been presented to them examined on camera.

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