What is the Latest Situation in the NFT Market: The Market Is Strong Despite Everything!


As the number of NFT recipients increases, non-fungible token its sunday seems to be showing signs of good consolidation and growth. Although overall sales volumes are falling, the arrival of new players in the field and blockchain-based games are causing the sunday to develop.

The NFT Market Is Growing

According to data from Delphi Digital, since the number of unique receivers has increased NFT its sunday looks as strong as ever. The report notes that despite the decrease in overall sales volume, the sunday has not faced a negative turnaround.

Delphi Digital reports that the daily sales volumes of NFTs have been falling since the beginning of September 2021, but there has been an increase in unique buyers to coincide with this. According to Delphi Digital, this is a situation where some of the new users entering the market are not familiar with the crypto currency market. that is why the market remains strong, although the trading volume is falling.

Analysis of Different Platforms

The report also shows that there are different valuations on different platforms NFT he also analyzes their sales. The data show that SuperRare and OpenSea are the first referenced sundays for high-end NFTs, and SuperRareit shows that six times the average daily selling price of NFTs exceeds $ 100,000. More specifically, the average daily sales volume of the two platforms is between DEC 30,000 – $60,000.

In addition, october is worth noting another aspect, OpenSeasunday decisively the most popular NFT market, and perhaps many individual NFT vendors on the platform partially helped with the development. Dec Sunday share of OpenSea represents 97.8% of the total transaction volume among all NFT marketplaces.

On the other hand, OpenSea has been extremely successful, with DappRadar also showing impressive sales results. Sunday August 2021, the NFT market also saw a large increase in the amount of ETH burned, shortly after seeing $1.5 billion in monthly transaction volume.

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