What is Ninja Squad NFT? Detailed Review


Yesterday I told you about the Ninja Squad NFT project, which I believe will fall like a bomb into the NFT world, and what I think about the project. Those who missed the article from here he can read.

And today Ninja Squad NFT I would like to share with you all the details I know about his collection. From the Discord channel and I have compiled the information I have obtained from the live broadcasts I have participated in for you with the support of the team.

What is Ninja Squad NFT?             

Ninja Squad NFT Collection, Krypto Kemal and the NFT consultant, which is closely followed by NFT lovers Bekir Çağrı Steel which will be removed by 2. It is a Turkish NFT collection project. There are 8888 NFTs with different “rarity” rating in this collection, each of which is hand-drawn by Özgiz Aydar to be different from each other.

When Is He Coming Out?

The collection is expected to be launched between November 15-20, 2021. (This date may vary.)

How Will the Collection Be Distributed?

60% of NFT Tokens it will be sold by pre-sale method. In order to participate in this pre-sale, you must obtain the Whitelist(WL) right granted by the Ninja Squad team. At this point, the leading names of the Crypto Currency and NFT sector who have been supporting the project since the first day are selected one by one. However, within the decord, twitter and twitch publications, draws are made between those who support the project and add value and WL continues to be distributed. WL distribution is still ongoing. For each wallet that receives WL from pre-sale 2 NFT mint rights it will be.

30% of NFT Tokens it will be distributed by the lottery method. The project’s website will be announced soon, and the winners among those who entered the decffle with MetaMask wallets by entering this site will be 1 NFT mint right it will be. The owners of these wallets will enter the site within a predetermined time december and perform the Mint transaction.

10% of NFT Tokens if it is announced dec December, it will be held in such a way that there will be a public sale (public sale) among those who come to the site and connect their wallet. Those who want to buy in this sale, get ready for a possible Gas War in advance. In addition, this sale will be broadcast live on the channels belonging to the project.

After the Sale is Completed, those who receive NFT and those who hold it by not selling (Hodl) will be opened on the project’s discord channel “Alpha Chat” they will be able to log in to the room by identifying their wallet. On this channel, only collection owners and project managers come together dec Cryptocurrency / NFT he will be able to exchange information about his opportunities and get opportunities. Again, special news and analysis belonging to the sector will be published on this channel. Again NFT Drop Calendar‘de Alpha Chat e will be shared privately.

The Ninja Squad team expects that the entire NFT Collection will be exhausted in a short time. In the announcement made, 10% of the proceeds obtained after the sale will be donated for the benefit of Turkish students by a vote to be held by Ninja Squad members.

Except for NFTs with various levels of rarity in the collection special serial NFTs it will also take place. The first of these is the maximum 35 pcs it will be limited to “Hononary” there will be a series. This series will be designed specifically for well-known people and influencers in the world and Turkey and will be included in the collection.

The second special series is random 100 pcs which will be mintlenec “Deep Alpha” there will be a series, and it will be able to go out to any wallet. Those who have this NFT will get access to a special discord room that will be set up with Hononary NFT owners and the Ninja Squad team. In other words, he will have the privilege of being in a room where he can chat with famous names of Turkey and the world.

Ninja Squad NFT Road Map (Road Map)

The most important feature that distinguishes this project from many other NFT projects is the vision of the future. Even NFTs that are normally only issued as collectible items can reach serious values, and being Sold Out for the team that put the project in order is considered a success.

Ninja Squad team, Sold Out of their collection! they don’t worry about not being there. In addition, they clearly show that they are different from other NFTs with the goals they set for the future.

One of the founders of the project Bekir Çağrı Steel in a live broadcast, he expressed his opinion about the project as follows:

I have closely watched many NFT projects to date, and I have provided consultancy to many of them. I can say with peace of mind that there is no Ninja Squad NFT Roadmap-like vision in almost no NFT Project so far.

2022 First Quarter

Token Supply: Ninja Squad and WAGMI a common token of their collection will be produced through the i ERC721 network and distributed to the collection owners on a daily basis. In this way, those who hold a Ninja Squad NFT or a WAGMI NFT in their hands will earn tokens on a daily basis. (WAGMI is a cross-project that will be launched later)

Training Series: Ninja Squad is narrated by NFT cartoon characters animated film series for those who watch in 5 languages he will give video tutorials that will be published. Trainings will only be available for purchase with collection tokens. Crypto currency trading trainings, technical blockchain writing trainings, detailed trainings on the NFT world will be implemented within the scope of this program.

2022 Second Quarter

Those who receive and hold Ninja Squad NFT will be able to purchase Merch products produced by the WAGMI brand project, which will again be issued by the same team, with project tokens.

2022 Third Quarter

The Play2Earn game launch will be held, where Ninja Squad NFT owners can play with their own NFT characters, and players will earn tokens as they achieve success by playing the game.

2022 Fourth Quarter

4. Successful completion of the project 2022 By the time it reaches a quarter, a hotel will be purchased. Yes, you have not misread it. This hotel will be set up as an event, meeting and organization point of the Crypto currency and NFT eco-system. Launches and exhibitions of valuable NFT collections will be held here.

All these goals show that Ninja Squad wants to continue its life, which began with an NFT collection, as a powerful company serving the real sector.

In spite of the vision of the roadmap, each involved in a live video interview, talking, ninja squad played their characters Rick And Morty topics about crypto eco system NFT, and only processed fun cartoon that tastes like a dream, I know.

We, as the CoinTürk team, wish the Ninja Squad team the best of luck on their way out. May you be on your way…


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