What is Nafter: NFT’s and Blockchain’s Instagram!


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest and many more… Now the whole world is spinning through social media platforms. We learn from Twitter when there is an important development, we follow the life of a friend or close person on Instagram, we search for people we know and can’t reach on social media, and we even make important meetings on social media.

Besides that, now NFT’s, metaverse, Blockchain and crypto currency these are also topics that almost everyone is familiar with. Look, I’m not saying that he knows, I’m saying that he’s familiar… because this area is very new and they haven’t fully adapted to real life yet. So, do they really need to adapt to real life?

I am also among those who think that social media does not actually reflect real life dec its full meaning. Because if I’m going to share something on Instagram, even if I don’t do anything, I’m definitely playing with the effect… Well, what if I say that social media and NFTs, the metaverse, crypto currencies are starting to adapt to each other?

By this time, there have been many social media platforms based on cryptocurrencies and built on the Blockchain, but none of them have held it like Instagram. A project I recently came across involves both social media, cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and NFTs in the work: Nafter.

At this point, I would like to make a small reminder: This article is not a sponsored text or advertising text. Nafter is a project that caught my attention, and I wanted to share the details of the project with you.

What is Nafter?

Nafter himself is described as the ”Instagram of the NFT world”, and when we really examine it, it looks like a copy of Instagram. But there are many points that distinguish Nafter from Instagram.

Nafter has created a system that rewards users for creating content. Through Nafter, users can create, sell, or purchase content created by someone. Well, how? Through the NFTs…

Users can simply convert the photos they take using their smartphones, the arts they create, or the videos they create into NFT and share them on Nafter just like they share photos on Instagram. Therefore, users actually create NFTs by sharing and put these NFTs on sale.

I have previously stated that NFTs are not only for artists and works of art. In my opinion, Nafter also clearly distorts this perception and is actually signing a formation that will increase NFT adoption. Because the process of buying, selling and creating NFTs is still quite difficult for many people, although the marketplaces make it easy. But a photo or video that you took with your phone is still with your phone NFTconverting to and easily putting it on sale can take NFT adoption one step further.

What is a NAFT Token?

NAFT token is actually the native cryptocurrency of the Nafter project, as the name implies, and offers users several advantages. After creating an NFT with a NAFT token, you do not pay a transaction fee when you set the fee with NAFT. NFT staking with locked and unlocked pools, you can earn passive income through.

In addition, NAFT october also be used as a management token. NAFT owners can decide which content will stand out and have a say in the decisions to be made about the platform.

NAFTlet’s take a look at the token economy … the total supply of NAFT is set to be 1,000,000,000 units, and currently about half of them are in circulation. 30% of the total supply is devoted to the platform itself, 25% to liquidity, 20% to sales, 15% to marketing, and 10% to the team.

How to Use Nafter?

The Nafter platform actually attracted my attention especially with its easy use. To become a member of Nafter, of course, you need to have a crypto wallet such as Metamask. After connecting our wallet to the system, we create a profile for ourselves, just like on Instagram. At this point, we can also connect our Instagram and Twitter accounts to the platform.

Then we select the content we want to share with our followers, the system automatically converts this content to NFT and we BNB, ETH or NAFT we determine the value of our NFT in one of the crypto currencies. At this stage, we can also choose how many units there will be from NFT.

After filling in all the information, you can create your NFT with “Create Item” and make it available for sale. In other words, with Nafter, you can spend time both on social media and turn this time into money with a few clicks.

Team and Partners

As I mentioned earlier, the fact that the team of a project is not anonymous makes that project one step ahead in terms of reliability. As a matter of fact, Nafter dec team is among the projects that are not anonymous. In the Nafter CEO’s chair sits Jonathan Sulay, who has extensive experience in high-performance organizations. As a CTO, we see Viet Le Van Thanh, who has 5 years of aikim experience in his field.

In addition, Na October has also entered into partnerships with Genblock Capital, Magnus Capital, Valeran Ventures and Atlas. In addition, Nafter has an agreement with influencers. For example, an influencer who is a martial arts athlete and Jake, Paul, Stanija Dobrojevic is a Survivor and is located in Serbia 2012 influencer Adrian Colbert and New England are among the names that has nafter popular contract player.

My Thoughts On Nafter

Although I have been following Nafter, I agree that it is still a new project and that it will take time to adopt it. But if you are interested in NFTs, do not know where to start and want to get involved in this world Nafter it can be considered a first step. In this way, you can evaluate the time you have spent on social media, get one step closer to the NFTs, and maybe make money.

At this point, I don’t want there to be a perception that you will start making money instantly by uploading what you have attracted to Nafter. Because this is also a social media platform, and the people who will eventually receive NFTs are also followers… so you can also consider Nafter as a step to have fun and learn.

Finally, while reviewing the platform, I saw that popular NFTs are also starting to be sold here. Because the platform allows you to transfer a mint-encrypted NFT to Nafter as well. Therefore, you may also encounter the NFTs you are following here.

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