What is Manchester City Fan Token?


Manchester City Fan Token is an application built on the Chiliz (CHZ) blockchain Socios.com is a fan token of . Socios has created fan tokens for many other football clubs, the most popular of which are (PSG), as well as fan tokens for the UFC and car racing. Fan tokens give their owners a stake in the management of the club by allowing them to influence decisions, unlock VIP rewards, and access exclusive promotions, games, and special recognition.

What is the Manchester City Fan Token (CITY)?

March January 2020, Manchester City Football Club decided to launch CITY in March 2021, after the great success of PSG in January 2020. Its success will depend mainly on the success of the club on the field and the development of blockchain technology. The token price rose when it was said that Cristiano Ronaldo would join the club, but fell after the transfer failed.

Manchester City Fan Token is an application powered by Chiliz that allows sports fans to interact with their favorite clubs and associations Socios.com it was founded by. CEO of Chiliz, Dreyfus has more than 20 years of experience in building and growing web-based companies. For example, he developed Webcity, an interactive travel guide, and Winamax and Chilipoker, both online gaming projects, before founding Chiliz in 2017.

Manchester City is one of the most famous football clubs in England, with four Premier League titles in the last decade. The club is managed by Pep Guardiola, one of the most famous football managers in the world.

The Manchester City Fan Token represents the ownership of a voting right and gives fans access to earn unique club-specific rewards and experiences. For example, fans can choose which message to wear on the captain’s armband, visit the player’s area at the stadium or get the right to watch matches in the VIP-zone and receive discounts on club products.

CITY, for investment Socios.com as long as it is listed on the, fans can get the token, and with it a stake in the management of the club. In addition, according to Stephan Cieplik, senior vice president of global affiliate sales for City Football Group, every club fan is eligible to receive a free Manchester City token.

Comments on CITY Coin

Fan tokens now have an important place in the crypto currency market. For this reason, especially the tokens released by the big clubs are of great interest. CITY is also among them and is already receiving great attention. dec. However, at this point, investors should not forget that the price of the token may be affected by situations such as match results.

At the time the article was being prepared for publication, Manchester City Fan Token, which is traded at $ 15, is also trading at 0.0002369 BTC against Bitcoin, according to CoinMarketCap data. In addition, they are 607 in terms of market capitalization with a transaction volume of 54,219,937 USD. the average 24-hour trading volume of the Manchester City Fan Token, which is ranked next, is stated to be 76,566,858USD.

August June 22, 2021 was the lowest level with $9.94, and August 27, 2021 was the highest level with $36.90. It is worth noting that Manchester City Fan token has seen the lowest level with $9.94 on June 22, 2021 at this point on the other hand.

How to Get a Manchester City Fan Token?

CITY Coin can be purchased quickly and securely through Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform in terms of transaction volume.

In order to buy CITY Coin, it is first necessary to become a member of Binance and then send fiat money. After sending a fiat currency such as Turkish lira or dollar, a purchase transaction can be made in the CITY trading pair by receiving BUSD, Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB) and Tether (USDT), where the CITY Coin is traded.

In addition, by ordering a purchase order october Binance not only at market value, but also at a lower value, users can make purchases at any price. For this, it will be enough to use the Limit tab and enter the amount you want to receive and the price you want to receive.

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