What is BinaryX Coin?


Cyber Dragon is a play-to-earn game based on Binance Smart Chain. This game is powered by the BinaryX team. Players can create characters, collect rare equipment, and challenge Dungeon. The last task is to defeat the ultimate boss, the Cyber Dragon. A hero can get the dragon treasure house rewards by defeating the dragon

What is BinaryX(BNX) Coin?

BNX is the management token of Cyber Dragon. BNX token holders can participate in community management and vote on important game decisions. Some important operations of the game, such as creating heroes, creating rare equipment, challenging the Cyber Dragon dungeon and some high-level dungeons, require the retention of BNX tokens.

Cyber Dragon, on the other hand, is an online game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Players can create characters, challenge duplicates, and retrieve rare items.

The tokens paid for by all players will be the assets of the cyber dragon’s treasure house. Whoever defeats the dragon will receive the dragon treasure house rewards. The Cyber Dragon will be reborn and strengthened, increasing the wealth of the treasure house and waiting for the players to challenge it again.

Cyber Dragon’s governance token, BNX token holders, can participate in community management and voting on important game decisions. At the same time, those who own BNX tokens can also participate in regular gold airdrops.

Ways to get the BNX token: Buy from Dex, such as Pancake, Babyswap, challenge certain dungeons in the game and participate in other Defi products of BINARYX. Most of the BNX paid by users in the game will be used to determine event rewards and will be refunded to users.

In addition to these, users can get their hero from the “Hero october” page. For each hero it is necessary to pay 1 BNX. Each hero has random classes/features/abilities. Each hero is in the form of NFT tokens, and users can freely transfer/give/sell heroes. Also each address can rent 5 heroes per day.

BNX Coin Review

Blockchain-based games have become very popular recently, and for this reason, both Binance listing and Binance Smart Chain-based seem to increase interest in the game, and therefore interest in the BNX token.

According to CoinMarketCap data, BinaryX Coin is the 281st in terms of market volume with 263,276,315 dollars. he finds a place for himself next. In addition, it is seen that the 24-hour trading volume of BinaryX Coin, which was traded at $130 at the time the article was prepared for publication, was $153,876,533. July November 4, 2021, BinaryX Coin broke the all-time record with $224, while July 14, 2021 saw the bottom level with $2.97.

In addition, there are currently 2,022,897 Binaryxes october circulation and it is stated that the total supply of BinaryX Coins will be 121,000,000 BINARYXES.

How to Buy BinaryX Coin?

BNX Coin can be purchased quickly and securely through Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform in terms of transaction volume.

In order to buy BNX Coins, it is first necessary to become a member of Binance and then send fiat money. After sending a fiat currency such as Turkish lira or dollar, a purchase transaction can be made in the Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), BUSD and Tether (USDT) BNX trading pair in which the BNX Coin is traded.

In addition, by ordering a purchase order october Binance not only at market value, but also at a lower value, users can make purchases at any price. For this, it will be enough to use the Limit tab and enter the amount you want to receive and the price you want to receive.

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