Whales Are Not Giving Up the Popular Meme Coin! A New Wave of Purchases Has Begun


According to WhaleStats data, whales in the last 24 hours Shiba Inu it has aggressively increased its assets. The discount period, known as Black Friday all over the world, has been associated with a retreat in the crypto currency market, leading investors to add more crypto currencies to their portfolio.

Whales Continue to Buy Shiba Inu

SHIB high-balance wallets have chosen the strategy of assessing the period of decline by increasing their assets by 42%. In addition, WhaleStats excludes stock exchange wallets and projects from the measurement in order to show a more accurate representation of the distribution of funds. According to the data, the first 1000 of the largest Ethereum wallets now hold 42% more tokens than the previous amount. The total average SHIB balance is currently set at 2.5 billion Shiba Inu tokens.

Previously, whales were listed on various exchanges SHIB the purchase had shown action. However, due to the general market trend and the lack of momentum, an uptrend in the Shiba Inu price could not be seen. Shiba Inu has been trading at a record low volatility, staying at a price of $ 0.000039 for about 72 hours.

Significant Decrease in Transaction Volume

Whale addresses on SHIB the volume of transactions, mostly provided by individual investors, decreased by 36%, while the average balance increased significantly. The reasons behind this were attributed to the cryptocurrency market correction phase and the extremely low volatility in the SHIB/USD pair.

Shiba Inu the sudden rise in its popularity was followed by rather high daily volatility, which reached 70%. With an average volatility drop of 10% and a price correction of 60%, its individual investors abandoned the popular meme token in order to catch most other fluctuations. SHIB investors who have shifted their funds to other projects have left meme coin alone.

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