Welcome to Metaverse Madness! The Projects Have Taken Flight!


There has been a serious shift of interest in metaverse projects in the way associated with the NFT for several months now. One of the reasons for this is Bloktopia these were incredible increases in the local tokens of projects. Beyond the world the metaverse even Facebook has taken action for it. The company has decided to change its official name to Meta.

Welcome to Metaverse Madness

The total market value of ambitious projects in this area increased by 13.4% to $ 12.3 billion. Joke coins are knocking over $80 billion these days the metaverse we may still be on our way to it. Facebook‘s decisionto rebrand itself as Meta on October 28 to indicate plans to build an avatar-filled metaverse ignited a speculative rally among cryptocurrencies belonging to similar virtual world projects.

This concept, which first appeared in the short story ‘Burning Chrome’ by William Gibson (Omni, July 1982), was one of the main themes of the Neuromancer. Opening the door to a separate world in a virtual environment without breaking away from the real world the metaverse is a phenomenon that we are already exposed to in everyday life. For example, interacting with people we don’t know at all via social media platforms, creating a separate world for ourselves here, that is, they all offer a 2-Dimensional metaverse. Minecraft or Roblox if you are interested in such games, you are familiar with this world.

Facebook wants to take this further and teleport us to a truly virtual world when we put our glasses on. It will become possible to travel around the 3D world with our Facebook friends, have fun and do all kinds of activities. In fact, this experience can even go further and make us feel this world physically with special clothes. 20-30 years from now, we may find ourselves living the “dreams” that we are talking about today have come true or even further.

Interest in Metaverse-Oriented Projects Is Growing

Yes, nowadays Metaphomo dominates the market. It is expected that projects in this field will receive more attention in the coming period.

Emil Angervall, co-founder and operations director of the music technology startup Corite, said that NFThe thinks that he will push the ’s into a new transformation.

“We can expect unique NFT and metaverse innovations adapted to Meta in the coming months”.

Axie Infinity’s local token, Axie Infinity Shard (AXS), reached $150 in two weeks. The Sandbox (SAND), Illuvium (ILV) and other metaverse projects and tokens, especially Division Network (DVI), are also growing strongly.

Generally, the metaverse the net market value of its tokens increased by 13.40% in the previous 24 hours to $ 12.36 billion. Experts expect the sunday to grow by at least 300% before the end of the first quarter of 2022. New opportunities such as Bloktopia have brought incredible profits to the investor, but it may be possible that many more projects will be on the agenda in the coming period and show greater increases.

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