Warner Bros. Introduces Exclusive NFT Project to Matrix Fans: Launch Details


Warner Bros. NFT with its platform Niftys, vision History has created a special NFT project for the upcoming Matrix Resurrections. The NFT field became a marketing method that was often used in the film industry.

Warner Bros. Continues Its Work in the Field of NFT

One of the largest production companies in the world Warner Bros., He announced that he would be releasing an NFT collection for The Matrix series sequel, The Matrix Resurrections. Niftys in the agreement concluded with the, 100,000 units of NFT will be launched next month.

However, each NFT it will be available for sale at $ 50. Jeff Marsilio, CEO and co-founder of Nifty’s, stated the following about the planned launch: “We believe that the theme of digital identity and choice has the same feeling as the footage in the legend-making The Matrix series.”

According to Warner Bros., the upcoming NFT airdrop will be the largest of its kind, and fans will be involved in the Matrix world by purchasing unique avatars.

NFT Features

Each NFT, it will come with many features including the possibility to choose between dec or blue pills by following the original Matrix story. If the NFT chooses the blue pill, their character will remain in the Matrix. On the other hand, if the red pill is selected, the NFTs will turn into a resistance fighter.

This partnership between Warner Bros. and Niftys is not the first. dec. In July, these two companies released a Space Jam with 91,000 items, which was sold for $4 NFT he promoted the collection. While the popularity of NFTs is growing, attracting giant players such as Warner Bros. to the NFT sector has proved that this area is also profitable for other companies that have adopted such marketing strategies in the name of revenue flow.

As a current development, legendary director Quentin Tarantino is involved in the cult production Pulp Fiction NFT he announced that they would be releasing the collection.

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