Two More Giant Names of the Crypto World Have Taken Their Place in the Bloktopia Skyscraper!


Bloktopia, he announced that he would build a skyscraper in the metaverse universe and that the cryptocurrency market would be able to open offices in this skyscraper. After taking important steps one by one, we see that important names of the crypto currency ecosystem have started to take place in a skyscraper one by one.

Cointelegraph and Binance NFT

According to the statements made in the last 24 hours in a row, the crypto currency market is one of the important news sources in the global Cointelegraph and they stepped into the world of Binance NFT metaverse, the NFT arm of Binance, the largest crypto currency exchange in terms of transaction volume, with Bloktopia.

Cointelegraph announced this news via Twitter, “Cointelegraph is entering the metaverse! We have partnered with Bloktopia to open the Cointelegraph virtual store.” he shared his words with the public.

Besides that Binance NFT also “We will enter the Metaverse with a virtual office in Bloktopia. Do you want to win a part of BinanceNFT HQ? The BinanceNFT house consists of 100 REBLOKS, and we give one to a winner as a gift!” he used his words. therefore, Binance NFT will give one of the REBLOKS they have to the lucky person with giveaway.

Smart Moves from Bloktopia

Bloktopia is a platform with staking. So users BLOCKhe is able to earn passive income by staking, and after a while the locks open. Investors who make a profit after the lock is opened may want to sell the BLOCKS they have, which may create sales pressure. In fact, since the amount of BLOCKS on the market will increase, the price of the crypto currency is expected to fall if the demand remains the same.

For this reason, this step taken by Bloktopia is quite smart. Staking it keeps the demand alive with two important news stories during the period when one of its pools will be unlocked.

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