Top tips to lose fat and gain muscle!

Losing fat and gaining muscle go hand in hand to attain a healthy and lean body. It is called changing your body composition to support overall health and wellbeing. It is indeed tricky to work on losing fat while increasing the muscle mass – but not impossible. It is about feeding muscle growth while burning on the body fat.

While a good diet supports well in disconnecting with the calorie-laden food, there are several other ways to teach your body to tap on the stored fat over muscle tissues. Here are some of the top tips to lose fat and gain muscle.

Increase your protein consumption

Consumption of protein saves your muscles tissues from breaking down. It provides the body with essential amino acids that help in building up of muscles, energy, synthesis of hormones and more vital roles in your body. Add gold standard whey protein to your diet to load on at least 45-55 grams of protein daily and maximize your daily protein intake. It helps build up muscles faster.

Work on strength training

Working out for hours to burn out the excess fat from the body isn’t the ideal solution to gaining muscle. Focus on integrated compound movements that stimulate the muscle mass and allow you to lift more weight. With exercises like squats, lifts, bench press, pushups or rows you can strengthen the muscle mass and aid growth of muscles. A combination of resistance training with high-repetition works for muscle growth.

Low-carb high-protein diet

Carbs are best restricted to pre and post-workout meals, any other time the natural sources like fresh fruits, vegetables, etc are enough for giving the essential daily intake of carbs. Focus on eating a more protein and fibrous diet to help your muscle building. You can include animal cuts to diet for faster burning of fat. Decreasing carbs helps shed off the weight faster while aiding muscle growth.

Good fats are good!

Good fats like omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, monounsaturated or saturated fat help optimize the cell structure and hormone levels thereby supporting the muscle building. They also tend to keep you full and curbing your appetite supporting weight loss. Include good fats from vivid sources like olive oil, flax seeds, chia seeds, avocado, coconut, salmon, etc to add good fats to your diet and reap its benefits.

Cardio sessions for fat burning

For best results, burn the body fat without creating a calorific deficit, cardio sessions are the best fit. But instead of running on steady-state cardio choose High-Intensity Interval Training as per your workout session. The HIIT is known to preserve muscle mass while metabolizing the use of fat instead of burning muscle tissue for fat. The key is to get fully-forced on high-intensity workout and take mini breaks to let your heart relax.

Reduce calorie intake

Watch on calories in your diet to bring it to the daily calorie requirement. Cutting out on junk food, ditching the sugar, and maintaining a healthy diet helps keep the calorie count in check. The more you eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and low-sugar food, the easier it gets to lose out on weight and aid weight loss.

Water – the most important of all!

Prioritize drinking water over everything else. Water is the best way to boost your metabolism, burn calories and aid stronger body functioning. Without enough water, no workouts or diets shall reap any benefits in shifting body consumption. 

Each step taken towards a healthier and better body functioning helps in boosting fat loss and gaining muscle. It is about applying the right tricks for an early transformation!