Top 5 NFT Sales That Took Place This Week!


Non-fungible token (NFT) sales have been breaking records for some time, and this situation is often mentioned on the crypto currency agenda. So, how were the NFT sales in the week we left behind?

Top 5 NFT Sales This Week

Bored Ape Yacht Club is again maintaining its place at the highest levels.  Bored Yacht Club‘s NFT number 8585 found a buyer for 697 Ethereum (ETH). Therefore, this NFT was sold for approximately $ 2.68 million. Besides Dankrupt the named NFT was sold for 469 ETH, that is, for $ 1.93 million.

In addition to these october CryptoPunkNFT number 4994 found a buyer for 450 ETH (about $ 1.70 million), while NFT number 273 was sold for 265 ETH (about $ 1.02 million).

On the other hand, Carl Runefelt, also known as The Moon Carl, recently purchased CryptoPunk #4626 for 249 ETH, which is approximately $1.02 million.

Records Are Being Broken in the NFTs

with a sunday value of $43.08 billion and weekly sales ranging from $10 to $20 million, the global NFT market has dec its own rally in the last few months. Sundays October, for example, according to the latest data obtained from SuperRare, an NFT marketplace, it has broken the monthly volume record with total sales of $ 31.4 million before the end of October.

In addition, every day more and more october NFTit seems that the was sold to serious figures, and for this reason it is also in the center of attention.

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