Tip from the Expert Name: These 3 Altcoins Have a Low Value But Can Explode!


From time to time, analysts share altcoins that have a very low market value yet, and it is believed that these altcoins can bring big profits. But there is one thing that investors should not forget at this point: it has a low value altcoin’s can have more risks than others and and can experience big drops in an instant.

The analyst, who owns the Youtube channel A Chain of Blocks, also shared 3 low-value altcoins that he expects to increase greatly in 2022.

Keep Network (KEEP)

According to the analyst, the first altcoin that will be able to catch a big increase in 2022 Keep Network (KEEP). Keep is a project created to store and encrypt private data on the blockchain. The Keep Network made the first ETH staking on private computers, and this was considered a step towards promoting privacy in a decentralized autonomous way.

In addition, Keep Network offers the ability to enable decentralized applications on october-chain or other dApps to access private data in a very private and encrypted way. In addition, users can also earn KEEP tokens thanks to staking. KEEP coin is currently listed on many exchanges, including Binance, Kraken, Coinbase and Uniswap.

Oasis Network (ROSE)

The analyst is the second Oasis Network‘he’s referring to (ROSE). Oasis Network (ROSE) can be defined as a privacy-oriented layer 1 blockchain created for open finance and a data economy using the Cosmos SDK.

Oasis has just launched its Network deck and named it YuzuSwap. An airdrop was also made. The fact that ROSE tokens are used for farming and liquidity issues is also considered a noteworthy situation.

The first dex on Oasis Network reached one hundred million TVL in 24 hours. In addition, ROSE appears as a token held by many high-risk hedge funds in the United States. In addition, Binance Labs has also allocated october of its funds to ROSE. Therefore, the analyst ROSEhe thinks that in 2022 it will be able to catch a big increase.


The last altcoin on the analyst’s list is DODO, the proactive market maker algorithm is described as a DeFi protocol and on-chain liquidity provider that aims to offer better liquidity and price stability than automated market makers.

It is also noteworthy that DODO is focused on Web 3. Users can crowdfund with DODO. In addition, DODO also offers a lending and borrowing ecosystem. DODO’s tools can be used by users to create their own token and liquidity pools, to stake their NFTs.

Due to the advantages it offers to its users, DODO has the potential to catch a big increase in 2022, according to the analyst.

The information contained in this article absolutely does not contain investment advice. Investors should be aware that crypto currencies carry high volatility and therefore risk, and they should conduct their transactions in accordance with their own research.

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