This NFT Project Has Entered Ben Armstrong’s Radar!


As is well known NFT’s are one of the most popular areas of recent time. One of the important names of the market Ben Armstrong at this point, da is considering a new NFT project and ranking the 3 important respected features of the Pluto Alliance as games, airdrops, and staking rewards. According to Armstrong, this project is set to become one of the most popular in the field of NFT.

What is the Pluto Alliance?

Pluto Alliance, is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs that sold out immediately upon release and maintained its strong base price despite the mini bear market experienced in NFTs.

The main story, according to Armstrong, begins at the point of Pluto, which is a planet and has long been striving for a place in the solar system. Armstrong testifies that Pluto is in a serious struggle.

The analyst uses the following statements in his statements about the project:

In addition to the story of the Plutonians and their campaign to fight the forces of fascism, it is also an NFT project that goes far beyond the limits of the alien species and offers a huge amount of benefits.

3 Reasons for the Rise of the Pluto Alliance

Armstrong points out that the first catalyst is the benefit that the Pluto Alliance offers. Having a Pluto Alliance avatar, BiTToken their airdrop is characterized as a gateway to many utilities, including early access to Pluto Alliance games, staking rewards and revenue sharing on COINLEAGUE, exclusive privileges, and access to Pluto Alliance V2.

At this point, the analyst, “This is not only the advantages of the metaverse. There will be real-world access to concerts, sporting events and music festivals. This is what you will get by having the hottest NFT in the Milky Way and holding it in your hand.” he’s using his words.

Secondly, Armstrong testifies that there is a new airdrop for the Pluto Alliance on WAX:

The brand new StarShip blockchain game will release a special Pluto Alliance pack. StarShip, WAX running on it is a win-win blockchain game, so you get great support for NFTs on a network with low fees.

The NFT Sunday Place Factor

Finally, the investor NFT sunday placeit touches on the importance of . Armstrong addresses the mint base price of the Pluto Alliance and states that it was launched at 0.09 ETH, while currently the lowest price is at 0.075 ETH.

Analyst, “If the short history of NFTs can give us any indication of what to expect, we will probably see the NFT sunday breathe a little and non-fungible tokens become parabolic. When Ethereum and other crypto assets start to go sideways or fall, you can probably expect a lot more volume to start flowing into the NFTs… the NFTs are a whole new world. Pluto Alliance will be the project you will want to follow closely.” he’s using his words.

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