This Medium-Sized Altcoin Is Rising After the Announcement of the Incentive Program!


a $318,000,000 incentive program, crypto asset Phantom‘flour (FTM) triggering its rapid rise.

What Is the Phantom Team Saying?

According to market cap data, 70.the next smart contract platform Phantomthe team behind the says that they will support developers who want to configure funds in platoform.

“…We decided to offer a different type of program to decouple incentives between users, developers and the network to be compatible with each other. We believe that the best people who will decide where the funds should be allocated, whether they should be provided for the creation of the protocol or used for liquidity mining are the developers. Instead of playing Favorites and offering most of our resources to a handful of Protocols, you can Phantomwe open it to every development team that will be deployed in”

Protocol teams will be able to apply for awards from the Phantom Foundation. Upon approval, protocols can expect to begin receiving monthly rewards after an initial two-month gap.

Together with the incentive program of the smart contract platform Coinbase, has recently integrated FTM into its digital wallet, which will allow Coinbase users to easily interact with the Phantom network and use its decentralized application range (Dapps).

CoinGeckoaccording to <url>, FTM had started trading at $0.93 before its recent decline, rising more than 137% from last week’s local low of $0.42.

In short, What is Phantom Coin?

FTM is a DeFi project developed by Dr Ahn Byung, one of the most recognized computer experts in South Korea. Phantom, DeFi it aims to facilitate the use of web-based applications. Despite being in the ERC20 position, Phantom has entered the market claiming to be able to process thousands of transactions per second. FTM, which is a different consensus model from other projects, uses a system called Lachesis.

At the moment of writing, CoinMarketCapin ’64.the Phantom, which is next, is trading at $0.86.

The information contained in this article absolutely does not contain investment advice. Investors should be aware that crypto currencies carry risks because they have high volatility, and they should conduct their transactions in accordance with their own research.

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