This Little-Known 3 Altcoin Has the Potential to Increase by 100 Times: The Expert Announced the Name!


Popular crypto strategist Jay Freed shared with his followers 3 low-value crypto currencies that he thinks will experience a big increase in a new Youtube video.

Digitalax (MONA)

Digitalax, a digital-only fashion offering a wider range of open-source digital fashion toolkits NFT it can be defined as a platform. Freed, on the other hand, describes Digitalax as the digital fashion NFT house for VR and metaverse.

Freed made a statement on the subject, “They introduce new industry standards related to digital products, Open Digital Licenses, digital supply chain automation, and address key issues related to NFT liquidity and stability.” he’s using his words.

Stating that digital fashion is still a relatively new sunday segment, Freed says that it will open the doors of a whole new world for designers, developers and consumers with its full potential. According to Freed, “The most immersive full 3D virtual clothing collection with new digital concept store, shoppers virtually try on clothes out and feel the texture of fabrics, materials and unique, personalized, hyper-personalized will allow you to interact with the bodies” it continues in its form.

Livepeer (LPT)

Livepeer (LPT), is a decentralized video streaming platform built on the Ethereum network that offers a convenient, blockchain-based alternative to centralized streaming solutions. The LPT recently rose by 133.38% on Tuesday to an all-time high of $ 94.13.

The analyst is interested in this cryptocurrency “LPT has been one of the top earners of the year with a gain of 4,800% since the beginning of the year. The market began its latest bullish trajectory after it was priced down with Livepeer’s acquisition of MISTSERVER, after which the token increased by 300%.” he used his words.

However, since the investor has a market capitalization of only $ 1 billion LPTit is worth noting that the still has a huge upward potential.

Block Ape Scissors (BASS)

Block Ape Scissors (BAS) is an innovative Play to Earn ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain. Freed this platform, “The BAS platform will include many different types of games and will provide opportunities for users to earn money. The first ‘Grind to Earn’ system, which eliminates obstacles to entry into blockchain games, is also available on the platform.” he explains it in words.

The crypto analyst also emphasizes that the BAS NFTs will offer people a number of use cases in individual pieces from the yield returns of April, which will ultimately have game advantages that benefit them to earn faster.

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