This Crypto Currency with the Same Name as the New COVID Variant Has Recorded a 900 Percent Rally!


Omicron (OMIC) This weekend, after the World Health Organization gave the same name to the last COVID variant, it recorded an increase of over 900%. The world has faced quite critical dangers of a new variant of COVID emerging in Africa. While this threat has upset the financial markets, the crypto currency market has also been one of the most affected sectors.

Omicron Has Captured an Incredible Increase in

Examples of the Greek alphabet, such as Alpha, Beta, Omega, and Omicron, are often used to name companies, drugs, and programs. Omicron is the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. Which is a little-known cryptocurrency OMIC, WHO revealed a 900% rally after the new variant was named Omicron.

This rally took place after the World Health Organization coincidentally named the new COVID variant in the form of Omicron. For Omicron owners, the movement began at noon on November 27. OMIC breaking through the $70 resistance, it soon climbed to $ 187. The movement, which later turned into a crazy bull run, reached $ 242, then up to $ 689.

Traditionally, the WHO names viruses from the letters of the Greek alphabet in order to prevent labeling, discrimination, and complex names. This time the organization chose the name Omicron. OMIC it rose as much as $689, although it declined to $260 with a correction from the $400 level.

What is Omicron?

Omicron, which was revealed earlier this month on the Arbitrum Network as the Olympus (OHM) fork. OMIC is a decentralized reserve currency protocol that rewards shareholders and bondholders through its economic dynamics. Now OMIC has the same name as the sixth deadliest pandemic of all time. Gaining fame on the back of the current pandemic is not at all new in the cryptocurrency industry.

COVIDPunks, CryptoPunks NFT it is the COVID-themed product of his collection. The project saw 1800 ETH in transaction volume. Moreover, the CryptoPunk 7523, the only one of its kind, was sold for $ 11.7 million at Sotheby’s auction. NFT enthusiasts nicknamed this product COVID Alien.

For investors interested in buying Omicron, Sushiswap‘ta current. Since WHO names COVID variants by Greek letters, perhaps the next crypto can be named by the letters after Omicron.

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