This Coin Will Become the Leader of the Metaverse: The Analyst Explained 5 Reasons!


Coin Bureau, one of the popular analysts and investors of the crypto currency ecosystem, is a metaverse coin Decentraland (MANA) he expressed that bullish expectations about the continued and shared the reasons behind it.

Why Is Decentraland Important?

Decentraland (MANA) describes itself as the first metaverse in which users are seated in the administrator’s chair. Decentraland’s metaverse, each Ethereum it consists of 90,000 parcels, which is a unique NFT in the blockchain.

The analyst also made statements about Decentraland, “Plot plots can be modified using the Decentraland builder, which does not require any technical handling skills. The Decentraland builder also allows you to create avatar names. Packs, wearables, and names are purchased using MANA.” he’s using his words.

According to investors, MANA owners are expected to receive a full range of benefits from Decentraland, including changes to land parameters, adjustments to sunday place fees, and approval of wearable NFT collections the metaversehe can vote on any amendment to the.

Why Will MANA Continue Its Rise?

The Coin Bureau states that there are five main reasons behind the continued rise of MANA and explains these factors, respectively. First, the analyst notes that the constant rise in the crypto currency market MEANINGhe also expresses that he will influence and “The rest of the crypto sunday continues to recover, and as has been said, the trend is your friend. Most importantly, Bitcoin dominance is in decline, which means that money is moving to altcoins such as MANA.” your words are using it.

Secondly, the analyst notes that the amount of MANA held at Greyscale’s Decentraland Trust has more than doubled from 10 million MANA since March this year to about 20 million MANA, which means a significant corporate demand for MANA.

The analyst also notes that the source of the project’s power is NFTthey emphasize that there are various games and digital events. At this point, the Coin Bureau, “The value of land plots has exploded in the last year, the cheapest parcel is currently priced at over ten thousand dollars… The volume of trade on the Decentraland sunday at that time approached 50 million dollars.” he’s using his words.

Finally, the analyst notes that the number of Decentraland’s users is also increasing day by day, and uses the following words:

Decentraland has held dozens of events over the past few months, and they have attracted thousands of new users. I’m sure a lot of them got some MANA along the way.

In addition, the analyst october that Decentraland is also very important in terms of gaming, and therefore the user area is expanding day by day.

MANA Price Prediction

According to the Coin Bureau, if the trend continues in this way and the general crypto currency market outlook does not change direction, the first level that MANA will reach may be $ 5. However, investors should continue their transactions in a stopped manner, taking into account each situation.

The information contained in this article absolutely does not contain investment advice. Investors should be aware that cryptocurrencies carry high volatility and therefore risk, and they should conduct their transactions in accordance with their own research.

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