There Is a General Decline in the Market, But SAND and MANA Are in Flight!


The decline that began with the Evergranda effect on the market continues today, and most crypto currencies, especially the leading crypto currency Bitcoin, are seeing a rise. But with Metaverse coins Decentraland (MANA) and In The Sandbox (SAND) double-digit increases are seen.

The Rise of Decentraland (MANA)

MANA is notable for its increase of over 37%, which it experienced while the market was in decline. MEANING, it was trading at the level of $ 3.40 at the time the article was being prepared for publication, and it seems to have risen well above the level of $ 2.20, which it declined on November 11.

In addition, after Facebook changed its name to Meta, MANA october a significant increase and its price set a record with $ 4.69. Therefore, MANA needs to aim for higher levels in order to set a new record.

At this point, analysts are currently MEANING he says that the 3.5 dollar may be a resistance. a resistance may occur at $ 3.5 on the 4 dollar, and a strong break of this resistance may set new records in MANA.

Sandbox Didn’t Leave MANA Alone

Actually SAND it is also one of the crypto currencies that has experienced a serious rise after the Facebook move. Today, SAND, which is also on the rise with MANA, is trading at the level of 2.78 dollars and is notable for its increase of more than 20%.

SAND broke her own record with $3.45 on November 3, and therefore SAND also needs to go some way further for the new record. if the upward trend continues, the first strong resistance may be in the 3 dollar band.

But it is also necessary to remember that in the current market conditions, crypto currencies may experience instant declines. For this reason, we can say that there is a benefit for investors to go stockpiled in their transactions.

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