There Is a Decline in the Market, But the Popular Analyst Expects a Big Increase in 3 Coins on December!


Now crypto currency a bearish and therefore panic mood prevails in the market. However, analysts believe that December will still be quite good for crypto currencies and are sharing their crypto currencies with their followers, which they expect to rise accordingly. Jay Freed, one of the popular analysts of the market, also shared altcoins with his followers that have the potential to grow 10-fold in December.

Upfire (UPR)

Upfire (UPR), Encrypts files for Windows and macOS and creates a modified BitTorrent it comes dec as a decentralized P2P file sharing application that allows peer-to-peer distribution using the protocol.

The analyst emphasizes that users can earn BNB in exchange for classifying and sharing files, and “Upfire is a 100% decentralized protocol for secure P2P file sharing, where users can earn crypto by sharing files. The project takes advantage of the Binance Smart Chain and minimizes fees while maximizing profits.” he’s using his words.

At this point, the market value of UPR also attracts attention. UPR it has a very low market value, approximately 4 million dollars.

TrustSwap (SWAP)

Next on the list is a distributed platform, cryptocurrency and protocol that promises to create a new evolution in decentralized finance TrustSwap is taking place. According to the analyst, TrustSwap aims to decode the problems seen in the next generation of multichain token transactions and cross-chain token transactions.

On the other hand, Freed shares that TRUSTSWAP also has a token start-up panel that is customized by users and can be set up to circulate investor tokens at certain times or apply a lockout period for tokens allocated to a project team.

Also recently TrustSwap hosted the launch for Merkle Network, a Web 3.0 interoperability protocol. SWAPS it currently has a market capitalization of $194 million…

SolarBeam (SOLAR)

Last place on the list Moonriver Decentralized exchange, which provides liquidity on its network and makes peer-to-peer transactions possible Dec SolarBeam (SOLAR) is located. The analyst uses the following statements in his statements on the subject:

Solarbeam allows users to make transactions directly from their wallet instead of making transactions through a third party. Tokens never leave your custody, which means that 100% of your tokens belong to you.

In addition, october transaction fees make Solarbeam an attractive platform for trading. SOLAR it trades with a marketcap as low as $15 million.

The information contained in this article absolutely does not contain investment advice. Investors should be aware that crypto currencies carry high volatility and therefore risk, and they should conduct their transactions in accordance with their own research.

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