The World-Famous Musician Paul Oakenfold Will Release His New Album on the Cardano Network


Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson and the famous DJ Paul Oakenfold has collaborated to release his new electronic music album on Cardano. Cardano its founder, Charles Hoskinson, noted that Paul Oakenfold, one of the most famous musicians known in the genre of electronic music, is working together on his new album.

Paul Oakenfold Works with Cardano

British record producer and famous DJ Paul Oakenfold has been nominated for a Grammy Award three times and for the World Music Awards twice. In the article reflected in the media, the entire procedure of Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson for the new album, including the cover art, tracks and sheet music, is described Cardano it was noted that he was working with Oakenfield to move it to the network.

The new album will be titled Zombie Lobster. Charles Hoskinson, commenting on his participation in the release stage of the new album, stressed the importance of Blockchain for the future of the music industry. Hoskinson touched on important issues on behalf of the electronic music industry and the interoperability of blockchain technology.

Completing the smart contract integration with the Alonzo upgrade Cardano, which wants to make its presence known in the music industry as well. NAME it is trading at $2.10 while its price follows the general market trend.

ZZ Top frontman Releases Music NFT on Cardano

According to current media reports, Billy Gibbon, the lead singer of the rock band ZZ Top, had chosen the Cardano blockchain to release tracks from his new album in NFT format. This NFTthe auction, where the ‘s went on sale, took place on the Terra Virtue platform for digital collectible products. While the auction was planned to be held in fiat currencies, as a result of the auction, the bidders paid with ADA.

Billy Gibbons believes that Blockchain technology provides great opportunities for the music and art industries. The respected musician also suggested evaluating these opportunities, starting with the NFTs.

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