The Two Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency Projects on Binance Chain


It is a fact that recently the metaverse and NFT projects have attracted particular attention. Because both projects and cryptocurrencies are of great interest and major breakthroughs are being made at these points. Binance Smart Chainat this point, it seems that two projects stand out.

Radio Caca and EverGrow Coin

Since its inception in May 2021 Radio Caca (RACA), Which comes across as one of the most notable projects in the field of GameFi and Metaverse. The fact that Maye Musk and Justin Sun are hosting the panels makes the project especially noteworthy. In addition, Radio Caca NFTs are also of great interest.

On the other hand, another project that is thought to revolutionize the NFT field is EverGrow Coin… It is stated that EverGrow Coin, which was released only 7 weeks ago, has left many important milestones behind. EverGrow Coin (EGC), he managed to get a $ 1 billion Marketcap, distributed more than $ 26 Million in BUSD prizes, and has more than 100,000 users. According to the statements made at this point, the EverGrow Coin reward system is considered one of the distinctive features of the project. Each Purchase/Sale/Transfer of the EGC token earns 8% as BUSD for all its holders.

Notable Features of the Projects

According to the statements made, EverGrow Coin is the world’s first decentralized NFT it is developing its lending platform. The platform built on BSC will allow NFT owners to easily borrow money as collateral at fair interest rates without selling their NFT.

EverGrow will also soon allow the purchase and sale of NFTs, which will BSC the company will launch the NFT Marketplace.

In addition recently, Radio Caca october (RAJA), Binance has conducted its second Mystery Box sale on the NFT Marketplace. The NFTs are centered around the new Binance Smart Chain (BSC) game Metamon, which is a planned integration into their Universal Metaverse (USM).

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