The Twitter Account of the CEO of Tether (USDT) is Inaccessible!


Stablecoin company TehterThe Twitter account of the CEO of the (USDT) cannot be reached.

Tether is on the Regulators’ Radar

Tether, the most stable cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization, continues to enter the radar of many regulators in recent times. Primarily in the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), many regulatory agencies are working on the most stable crypto coins among the regulations to be introduced for crypto assets.

Controversial Reserve Claims and the Bloomberg Report

Many regulatory agencies have repeatedly, USDThe expressed that they are not supported by sufficient cash reserves and reserves cannot be audited transparently. Although Tether has denied these claims many times and made statements to the contrary, it has not been able to provide concrete data to dispel the doubt in the market. The latest of these allegations is also Bloombergit came from the. Bloomberg published a report with allegations on several issues, in particular, the company’s reserves and billions of dollars in loans to Chinese investors. Shortly after the report was published, the Twitter account of Jan Ludovicus van der Velde, the CEO of Tether, was closed to access.

There Are Various Claims

Based on the CEO’s interesting tweet saying “Stay tuned” last time, many people think that the CEO’s account has been hijacked and closed by others. However, there is also a majority that claims that the CEO could not withstand the pressures any longer after the Bloomberg report and closed his account in order to avoid creating chaos. The fact of the matter will be clarified by the official statements made by the company in the coming days.

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