The Turks Do Not Want to Miss the Opportunity in the Field of NFT: An Important Step from a Giant Pharmaceutical Company!


Non-fungible token in other words, as everyone knows, the NFT ecosystem is growing every day, and it seems that interest in this area is constantly growing, both from the Turks and from the global space. And from Turkey, the last step in the field of NFTs came from the giant pharmaceutical company.

Abdi Ibrahim Releases NFT Collection

Abdi Ibrahim, the largest pharmaceutical company in Turkey, founded in 1912 and continuing its development since then, announced that they will launch an NFT collection called “The Journey of Healing” in the first quarter of 2022.

96 All over the world. Abdi Ibrahim, which is the largest pharmaceutical company, made an official statement with NFT as the first Turkish company to step into the world, it has also put its name on the records. According to the statements made, the company aims to sign projects that will make a difference with NFTs, which are also closely related to the metaverse.

According to the statements made, Abdi Ibrahim will use OCTOBERFTS to raise awareness of social responsibility projects he calls “HEAL2030” and to provide additional resources for these projects.

Details of the NFT Initiative

According to the statements made by the company, The NFT collectionnu plans to launch in the first quarter of 2022, and Turkey’s First NFT Agency Tooken ( he agreed with.

In addition, Abdi Ibrahim aims to develop innovative projects with art and sports related NFTs throughout October 2022.

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