The Total Value Locked in DEFI Has Reached $ 250 Billion!


Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols have started to reach more and more users every day. The total locked value in the DeFi ecosystem (TVL), reaching an all-time high of over $250 billion.

TVL Reaches $250 Billion

The market value of the crypto asset ecosystem has increased significantly along with the value increases recorded by the leading crypto currency Bitcoin since the beginning of October. The total market value of the crypto currency ecosystem is approaching $ 3 trillion, while the locked value (TVL) in the DeFi ecosystem has reached $ 250 billion.

There was also a share of the increases recorded by some crypto assets in this value increase. Ethereum, Solana and Avalanchealong with the value increases recorded by the, there is no doubt that the blockchain network has been improved DeFi the TVL of their protocol increased accordingly.

Projects Developed on the Ethereum Blockchain Account for 67% of DEFI

According to DEFILLAMA, Ethereum the protocols developed on the blockchain accounted for 67 billion dollars, which corresponds to 171% of TVL, making it the dominant of the DeFi ecosystem. Binance Smart Chain while the projects developed in the network accounted for 7.7% of TVL with 20 billion dollars, Solana projects developed on the blockchain, on the other hand, represented 14% of TVL with a value of $ 5.38 billion.

Coin98’s weekly Defi report also revealed an uptick in daily transactions on some of these networks. The decentralized exchange Pancakeswap, which was developed on the BSC network, reported that the number of daily active users has increased to over 600,000. Data from DappRadar, on the other hand, showed that the leader was Uniswap, which processed about $ 17 billion in transactions over the past 30 days.

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