The Total Transaction Volume of OpenSea, the NFT Marketplace, Has Exceeded $ 10 Billion!


NFT (non-fungible token) Marketplace OpenSea has officially reached a total transaction volume of $10 billion as of November 8, 2021, just 3 months after reaching a transaction volume of $1 billion.

Total NFT Sales on the Platform Reached 10 Billion Dollars

The trading volume of OpenSea, the NFT platform established on the Ethereum blockchain, has increased significantly over the past 1 year, as NFTs have become very popular. It is also the largest cryptocurrency market NFT A total of $10 billion in NFT sales have taken place in OpenSea, the marketplace, since the date it started operations. The total trading volume of the platform was only $ 1 billion in August.

Decensea Is the Leading NFT Platform by Far With Its Current Transaction Volume

OpenSea, Ethereum compared to other NFT Marketplaces, including Google Rare, it is far ahead in terms of transaction volume. The Rare and SuperRare NFT Marketplaces also have a transaction volume of $ 263 million and $ 177 million, respectively. However, the fee per sale in Rare and SUPERB is also much higher than in OpenSea. Currently, 635,698 people are trading on the OpenSea platform and 83,810 on the Rare platform.

The Growing Popularity of NFTs

With the growing popularity of NFTs in 2021, a large number of artists began to produce their own NFTs, making sales in large quantities. With this market step of globally recognized brands, the already growing popularity of NFTs has gained momentum. As a result of this NFT their platforms started recording record after record every day.

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