The Successful Analyst Spoke For the “Forgotten Altcoin”: Is the Boom Imminent?


Michael van de Poppe, who has often achieved success with his technical analysis, is now a forgotten altcoin and talk about many popular altcoins. Among the altcoins that the analyst drew attention to dec Cardano (ADA), Litecoin (LTC) and Zilliqa (RINGTONE) is taking place.

Poppe Is Waiting For An Explosion For Cardano

The popular crypto currency analyst emphasized that the consolidation that has been going on for months is about to end for ADA in his statements made via YouTube and later supported by Twitter. The analyst stated that the ADA/BTC pair is very close to breaking and the new record can be seen by overcoming the resistances one by one.

Poppe stated that the price target for Cardano was $ 2.40 after the resistance on the ADA/BTC chart broke, indicating that he actually expected an increase of more than 100%. expressing that the 1,36 dollar resistance will be broken and the 2,40 dollar will come, the analyst stated that this is the forgotten altcoin.

Litecoin is Also Ready to Rise

Another crypto currency that Poppe mentioned was Litecoin. The experienced analyst, who stated that the LTC price has the potential to rise by 65% against Bitcoin, thinks that everything is ready for a serious rise.

The analyst showed that the level of 0.005 SATS is a critical resistance in the chart he published, and the first resistance point is 0.007 SATS. LTC had previously returned from initial resistance and experienced a sharp decline, but according to the analyst, this may change.

Zilliqa Takes a Positive Stance Against BTC

The third altcoin on Poppe’s radar was Zilliqa. Zilliqa, which provides blockchain services for corporate solutions, has not yet experienced a serious breakdown in the face of Bitcoin, and it may be a matter of time before it experiences this. The analyst predicts a 120% rise in the ZIL/BTC pair.

Emphasizing that the price will rise even above 500 SATS with the retention of the previous bottom level, the analyst revealed 800 SATS as the target. This means that the price actually rose by close to 300%. Zilliqa is the 60th largest as of the time of this writing. the crypto currency is at the position and has fallen by 2% in the last 24 hours. Despite this, Zilliqa, which has risen by 40% on the 7-day chart, continues to give a positive signal to investors.

Of course, the course is the course of altcoins Bitcoin price it will determine. The breaking of the $58,000 resistance for BTC could mean the crushing of altcoins.

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