The SEC Member Made His Harshest Criticism: Another Glimmer of Hope For Ripple!


A member of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (DEC), also known as the “crypto mother” among the crypto currency community Hester Peirce in recent statements, he has expressed surprise at the SEC’s lack of effort to provide clarity in the field.

Regulatory Clarity Turmoil

I recently met with Commissioner Elad Roisman about the government’s cryptocurrenciesHester Peirce, who has issued a joint statement criticizing the way ni is regulated, made her harshest statements yet in an interview with Yahoo Finance.

Peirce made harsh criticisms on the subject, “It bothers me that I haven’t asked for regulatory clarity for three years and we haven’t been able to provide any. I think this is becoming a really big obstacle to the development of this industry in a way that is safe and at the same time allows innovation to take place. It is a real shame for me that we, as mere regulators, have not taken on the responsibility to develop a regulatory framework.” he used his words.

On the other hand, currently, two of the five commissioners are members of the SEC digital assets he openly expressed his objections to the approach of regulation through practice in his industry. Nevertheless, the majority are willing to take up litigation against established enterprises that are trying to comprehend and adhere to the regulatory framework, which is quite confusing for their activities.

Are Hopes Growing For Ripple?

Peirce has been known as a supporter of cryptocurrencies for a very long time. So Ripple and his community loves Peirce. Peirce’s latest criticisms are XRP it has raised hopes in his case.

Ripple and SEC the legal case between them has been going on since Dec 2020 and finally the court accepted the request allowing XRP owners to express their opinion in court. Although XRP investors will not take part in court as defendants, it is considered that it is very important that their opinions are reported.

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