The Pre-Sale For the Highly Anticipated Tokens Is Starting! They are being Released!


Pre-sales have attracted a lot of attention in the crypto currency market this year. In particular, fan token projects are rapidly running out due to the intense interest of parties and crypto currency investors. Two eagerly awaited fan tokens are going on pre-sale tomorrow and the next day. The sale by Socios is expected to attract intense interest.

Everton F.C.C. Fan Token (EFC)

Tomorrow (Wednesday, September 15) at 14:00 Turkish time Everton F.C.C. The Fan Token (EFC) pre-sale will be opened. Socios each user will be able to make a maximum of 75 purchases for the first phase in the pre-sale that will be made through. If there is little demand, the second round will be held at 16:00 and each investor will receive 100 units EFC he will be given the opportunity to receive it. The price set for the token will be 2 pounds. It is expected that the pre-sale, which will be opened at about 23 TL, i.e. 2.72 dollars, will be completed in the first round.

Total 500,000 pcs Everton F.C.C. The Fan Token (EFC) it will be sold. If this amount is requested in the first round, the second round will not be active at 16:00. In the hands of investors who want to buy EFC CHZ he needs to hold it. Sales will be made at CHZ parity, not in nominal currency.

Aston Villa Fan Token (AVL)

Both tokens, which will be opened for pre-sale tomorrow, are competing in the English football league. That’s why the sale of both will be made in pounds sterling. On Thursday (September 16) at 14:00 Turkish time Socios the price will again be 2 pounds, that is, 2.77 dollars, in the pre-sale process that will be made through the application. A serious market-maker in the fan token sunday Socios in this pre-sale, it will also ask users to use the CHZ token.

A large number of sports clubs around the world are issuing their own tokens in order to communicate more october with their fans, to provide additional income to the club. These tokens, which usually make serious pricing after trading pairs are activated, often double their pre-sale prices. That is why a large number of crypto currency investors are making intensive efforts to get these tokens for sale in limited quantities.

Due to the pre-sale to be held tomorrow and the next day CHZ it rose by about 4%. Its market capitalization is approaching $ 2 billion Chiliz (CHZ), which is expected to rise further when sales are activated. Investors who have to use Chiliz to buy tokens are in serious demand. Daily volume increased by 34% CHZ it has risen as much as $ 0.348 in the last 24 hours.

Disclaimer Of Liability: The information contained in this article absolutely does not contain investment advice. Investors should be aware that crypto currencies carry high volatility and therefore risk, and they should conduct their transactions in accordance with their own research.

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