The Popular Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Is Adding New Trading Pairs For Shiba Inu


It is one of the largest crypto currency exchanges in the world Coinbase, Made a new announcement on Wednesday. In the announcement made by Coinbase, the popular joke currency Shiba Inu (SHIB) for which it was stated that new transaction pairs were added.

Coinbase Pro Adds New Trading Pairs For Shiba Inu

The popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase made a new announcement yesterday with the popular joke currency Shiba Inu he reported that he will list new trading pairs for. So Coinbase Pro its users will now be able to exchange the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency against the euro and the British pound sterling.

At the time of preparation of the content, new trading pairs (SHIB-EUR and SHIB-GBP) the order books for it are already in full trading mode. Coinbase Pro, the professional arm of the best and largest cryptocurrency exchange in America, launched a joke currency in early September Dogecoin he added support for his opponent, Shiba Inu. Users are initially joke ”meme” cryptocurrencyni was able to exchange US dollars and Tether stablecoin against it.

The Dogecoin-inspired token surged by about 825% in October, but is currently struggling to sustain its massive gains.

SHIB the largest SHIB whale, which moved its tokens for the first time since April, earlier today reduced the price of its popular currency by about 15%.

What’s the Latest on Shiba Inu?

Recently, there has been a big increase in Shiba Inu, it has risen to an all-time high of $0.000086. So much so that with this increase in the popular joke currency, the largest joke currency has overtaken Dogecoin.

Joke currency ATHafter reaching‘ he experienced a retreat. The price has been falling for the last few days, but the other day was the biggest SHIB with the whale moving its assets, the decline accelerated further.

Shiba Inu fell by more than 15% during the day, and the price fell to the level of 0.000053 dollars. With this decline in Shiba Inu, the popular joke currency is again Dogecoinyou fell behind.

As of the moment the content was written, SHIB continues to see trading at the level of 0.0000573 dollars according to CoinMarketCap data.

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