The Popular Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Lists 8 New Altcoin Pairs!


In terms of transaction volume it is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance, along with a new announcement he made today that 8 new on the platform the altcoin pair he announced that he would be adding support for. Here are the details about Binance’s announcement;

Binance Adds Support For 8 New Trading Pairs

Binance, the popular cryptocurrency exchange, announced at 12.10 am today that there are 8 new ones on its platform altcoin he announced that he would list his couple. According to the statement from the stock exchange, the listing process will take place today. The altcoin pairs that Binance will list as new are as follows; ANKR/BUSD, DOT/ETH, KP3R/USDT,MANA/BRL, MATIC/ETH, SAND/ETH, SAND/TRY and STORJ/BUSD.

Binance the full statement by;

“Dear Binance Users,
Binance will open trading pairs ANKR/BUSD, DOT/ETH, KP3R/USDT, MANA/BRL, MATIC/ETH, SAND/ETH, SAND/TRY and STORJ/BUSD on 12/11/2021 at 13:00 (TSI).
Please note: BRL and TRY are nominal currencies and do not represent any other digital currency.
Risk warning: Buying and selling crypto currency involves a high market risk. Please make your investments carefully. Binance is not responsible for your losses caused by trading.
Thanks for your support!”
Users are currently on the platform as of 13:00 today altcoin they will be able to start trading with their pairs.
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