The Popular Analyst Explained: This Gives the Opportunity to Buy 4 Coins! Prices Can Skyrocket!


Popular analyst from CRYPTOBUSY Josh Moden he stated that there were 4 altcoins that gave signals of an excellent buying opportunity before the ups came again and shared them with his followers via a YouTube video.

Polkadot (DOT)

The first place on the list is traded at the level of approximately 41 dollars at the time the article was being prepared for publication Polkadot (DOT) there is.

According to the investor, the bears have reversed the uptrend and are now DOT DOT is under pressure because it is trying to reduce its price. Stating that DOT has fallen to 37 dollars in this process, the analyst says that it offers an excellent buying opportunity. However, it seems that there is still a buying opportunity for DOT.

At this point, the analyst, “We are seeing a rather heavy downtrend. This means that there will probably be more buying pressure. We may see a break in the structure to see the price rise further.” he’s using his words.


Next in the list Ripple (XRP) var and XRP are trading at $1.08 at the time of publication of the article. The XRP price is getting a good boost from the support trend line for the channel model, while Moden suggests that XRP has reached a significant buying zone around $1:

XRP has actually reached our key purchase region, which means that this price is about a dollar. anywhere dec $0.95 to a dollar, I will buy XRP. We can see that the price has dropped to 90 cents. But for now I see that one dollar is in pretty good shape.

Chainlink(LINK) and Enjin(ENJ)

Chainlink (LINK), the next cryptocurrency on the investor’s radar. LINK broke the upward trend and reached a demand level of $ 25, which made it a good buying zone. The investor predicts that LINK will probably recover well from this level:

If we see a large change structure even in a lower time frame, this may be a good indicator that we will start to rise from here.

Finally, the analyst Enjinhe also says that (ENJ) is preparing for a serious increase. The investor points to a large level of demand at the level of $ 2.3 and at the level of $ 2.6. Then, if the ENJ manages to break the previous support level of $3.26, the metaverse token can move to much higher levels.

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