The Popular Analyst Announced Crypto Coins, Which He Expects to Rise in His Portfolio


Guy, the famous host of Coin Bureau, which has hundreds of thousands of subscribers and produces content focused on the crypto currency sector, announced the crypto coins and his entire portfolio. Coin Bureau his analyst stated that he has created a portfolio of crypto currencies that are mostly in the top 20 for the time being.

The First Place Is Occupied by Ethereum (ETH

A recognized investor, the largest share in his portfolio is the second largest crypto currency by total market capitalization Ethereum‘a (ETH) he testified that he belonged. Stating that this constitutes the largest share in the total portfolio, the analyst emphasized that Bitcoin (BTC), the leading crypto currency, has come to the fore after ETH. The analyst has already received BTC with 27% of the total investment portfolio.

In the third place of Guy’s crypto currency portfolio is Ethereum (ETH), which has a similar use Polkadot (DOT) is taking place. The analyst noted that DOT occupies about 10% of its portfolio, which is currently the 7th largest by total market capitalization. he stated that he will come to much better places than being a crypto currency. The analyst also thinks that DOT may have a serious boom in the coming months.

ETH Competitors ADA and DOT are also on the Analyst’s Radar

The fourth cryptocurrency that the analyst invested in after ETH, BTC and DOT is Ethereum, which is seen as a competitor Cardano (ISLAND) It has happened. DOT, which once topped the ranking of the third largest crypto currency in terms of total market capitalization, is currently at 6. it ranks next and has a market capitalization of $ 44 billion. Guy emphasized that ADA has an 8% stake in its total portfolio.

The analyst believes that the fifth-ranked altcoin is Chainlink (LINK) he stated that he was. LINK, which occupies only 4% of its portfolio, has already captured an incredible rally with the growth of the fashion show sector since the beginning of 2020. Guy, on the other hand, said that his strategy is based on selling some of what he has after a certain gain, stressing that he never neglects to sell after serious upturns.

What’s His Long-Term Strategy?

Despite this, the experienced analyst stressed that he has not sold almost any of the ETH and BTC he has, and he is not considering selling it in the long run. Aware that investing so much in BTC and ETH can reduce its earnings in the long run, the analyst stressed that this also reduces its risk.

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