“The Outcome of the Ripple and SEC Case Will Be Positive for Crypto Coins”


The litigation process between Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (DEC) has been ongoing since December and no clear direction can be set at the moment regarding the course of the case. Some names say that this case will end up in favor of Ripple and crypto currencies, while others as a result of this case Ripplehe means that he will get big wounds. David Gokhstein is among those who decried the first opinion…

Positive Reflection of the Ripple Case

Head of the PAC Protocol and Gokhshtein Media, crypto phenomenon David Gokhshtein, Ripple-SEC he shared his views on the potential positive outcome of his case with statements he made via Twitter.

As soon as the litigation process on the issue of Gokhstein is concluded, it should be noted that XRP and he expressed that he thinks it will stimulate the crypto currency market.

According to the popular name, the SEC will finally provide clarity on cryptocurrencies with the outcome of the XRP case. This, in turn, will ensure the emergence of positive results on behalf of cryptocurrencies and Ripple. At this point, Gokhstein stated that Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is also willing to reach an agreement with the SEC if absolute certainty is recorded.

The Case of Ripple and the SEC

The litigation process between Ripple and DEC SEC has been going on for almost 10 months. Due to this litigation process XRP price while it is being suppressed, Ripple continues its development as a company unabated.

Finally, during the litigation process, it was decided that the SEC should answer some of Ripple’s questions, and this is considered to be in Ripple’s favor.

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