The Order of Ascent After XRP is XLM’s: Critical Levels for the Price of XLM


The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), it rose above the $60,000 level but failed to hold on here. BTC, which is very close to the all-time record by going up to $61,500, fell back to $58,000 after that. This regression and consolidation worked most for XRP and XLM.

The BTC Price Has Been Pulled to $58,000

The fact that the Bitcoin price has lost the support of the 57.000 dollar may also shake up the altcoins. On the contrary, the fact that the price is holding on to $ 58,000 and above and maintaining its market dominance at this level will contribute to the rise of altcoins.

The XRP price has gained 150% in the 7-day period. This sensational rise in the price of XRP allowed it to rise to the fourth largest by total market capitalization in an instant. After the XRP price rose to the level of 1.40 dollars, it may be time for XLM, which is considered a “twin project”.

The Rise of XRP/USD Has Stopped

Looking at the XRP / USD pair, it is seen that there is a decline, especially after the 1.48 dollar level. XRP, which has risen by 20% in the last 24 hours, may have reached a limit level. The fact that the XLM price is still going on while the rise of the XRP price has been interrupted also indicates that interest has shifted to different places.

XLM has gained 25% in the last 24 hours and 58% in the last 7 days, breaking both of the resistances it has not been able to break for a long time. Along with this rise, it is the 10th largest by total market value of XLM. it also seems that it has come up to the cryptocurrency ranking. XLM/USD is also trading at $0.64 as of the time of this writing.

Critical Levels For the Price of XLM

It seems that the critical resistance for the XLM price is $ 0.72. If the XLM/USD pair can break the 0.72 dollar resistance, it can test the 0.85 dollar level in the coming days. Breaking this level will set the stage not only for the arrival of an all-time record, but also for a parabolic rise.

One of the most important points to follow for the XLM price is the 0.5 dollar support. A drop below this level, which is both psychological support and technical support according to the Fibo withdrawal points, can lead to the appearance of $ 0.32. The fact that XLM continues to rise while the entire market is falling and the price of XRP has also been disrupted indicates that it may make a similar move to the movement of XRP in the coming days.

An important announcement about the Stellar network or the arrival of similar news on XRP will also have a positive impact on the price.

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