The Ninja Squad NFT Collection is on my Close Follow-up!


Today I would like to tell you about a project that I have been following quietly for a long time. No lies, I’m late for the NFT world. I actually met Cryptokitties in 2019 NFT’t. I even bought 2 cats and produced another new cat from them. They’re just sitting in my wallet. However, it will not have interested me enough that I felt the need to look back at this area 1-2 months ago.

I’ll get to the point without further ado. Crypto Kemal is a phenomenon that I have been following for many years, I like the way I perceive the crypto eco system. His emphasis on NFTs in his Youtube and Twitch posts has caused me to pay attention to this area that I don’t have time to look at or don’t have time to take time off. First I was not a little forced. An interesting thing happened when I took a meaningless 3-5 NFT and spent days browsing the collection. I realized that this land, which I have been staying far away from, is actually very fun. On top of that, when Cem Yilmaz stepped into this eco-system and clearly showed that he was enjoying it, I was convinced that I was on the right track. (I recommend that you take a look at Cem Yilmaz’s twitter account. You will understand what I mean.)

It is not possible to find out by buying and selling the NFT business Ninja Squad I noticed it the first night I logged into the Discord channel. It’s not that I was a little dizzy at first. There are dozens of different rooms, conversations flowing in each room… especially if there is a “General Turkish Chat” room, which is an epic for languages. Dozens of Ninjas, who I am sure have met each other on this channel, are in an incredibly pleasant conversation.   I am sure that many times more than those who write are just those who watch, like me. Don’t think of this environment as a chat room that constantly talks about serious topics. There is a sweet environment that has fun with subtle jokes, shares information, so to speak, does a lot of goygoy.

When I realized that the Ninja Squad NFT Collection was still in the early preparation stage, I decided to follow this project closely to learn the spirit of NFT. Buying and selling only NFT is a choice. However, discord overtime is essential to capture and understand the NFT dip culture. I have been involved in dozens of NFT projects on discord over the past 1-2 months. I’m putting the bad ones aside (which are a lot!) but a good NFT community can even change the world! These words may seem exaggerated to you. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but time will show that I’m right about it. There is a quality sharing economy that is usually captured in foreign NFT communities in these crowded rooms.

Basically, there are also many people who want to catch a successful project and buy it at first with a low mint price and sell NFT at a high price, and that’s just the goal. I am absolutely not against them and I consider them normal by the nature of the job. However, I am sure that there are not a few people who came to the Ninja Squad discord channel with this intention and changed their minds.

A quality NFT Collection you have no idea how difficult it is to remove it. There are so many details you need to take care of. Especially if you have embarked on a project aimed at attracting the attention of the whole world, wow. Once you have to accustom your body clock to a 3-5-hour sleep pattern. Because every region of the world sleeps and wakes up at different hours. You should adjust your interviews about your project according to these hours. If there are people living in different countries on your team, you must waive sleep in order to communicate with them. You need to be in constant meetings with them. Then the design process, drawing a road map, the software-contract process, the promotion and community development processes… The main thing is to convince your community of the work you are doing. Crypto Kemal has taken a very big risk in this regard and has managed to create a strong community of followers who trust and believe in him. But it is also clear that with the energy and effort he has put in, he is locked in winning together with his community. The burden of this is very heavy. But I believe you can handle it.

As for the details of the Ninja Squad NFT Collection… there are actually not too many details that I can tell you. Do not be surprised, because the project is currently being created. For example, there is no website yet. (I know it’s almost over.) And I don’t need to for now. Because in the NFT eco-system, the website is not a detail that should be in the first place. The community communicates and informs each other via discord and Twitter. Ninjas does not have a website, but 13,333 followers on Discord and 24,000 followers on Twitter are already actively watching and contributing to the project. When you watch their broadcasts, you can master many details. I have learned most of the details of the project by watching these publications, but I prefer not to mention them for now because I think that the project may change due to the fact that it is in the production process. Very soon, when all the details and the roadmap are published, we will all see it together and execute the idea on it. But I can say that the drawn vision and dreams excited me immensely. If you think that this is just an NFT project, you will be very mistaken. The revenue generated by the NFT sale will be the entry capital of a very large branding vision. If they succeed in this, you can be sure that we will hear Kemal and Bekir Call names more globally in the eco system.

For now, I can give you the following information about the project in general.

  1. The main language of the project will be English.
  2. there will be 8888 NFTs, and the vast majority of them will be Minted by giving a Whitelist (WL) to people selected by the Ninja Squad team.
  3. The collection will be produced on the Ethereum (ETH) network and will be exhibited at Opensea.
  4. Project Management> @cryptokemal and @bekircagricelik, NFT Design artist of the collection > Özgür Aydar

I will write another post with more details soon after the launch. For now, you can accept this article as a project beautification. Because there is a dedicated teamwork that deserves it. I will continue to follow the Ninja Squad NFT Project with interest as a proof that Turkey can create young, visionary teams that can put forward such high-quality work. I hope I’m wrong…

Note: Oh, my god, don’t go on the discord channel and make a request to get a WL. You will be doing something that is not welcome in the community at all. Follow the announcement room, go around the public chat, ask questions about the project and be active. WL sweepstakes are already being held on various channels, so join them and count on your luck. WAGHMI !

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