The New ATH Has Arrived from Ethereum (ETH)! After the FED Statements, Solana and Ethereum ATH Refreshed!


The FED, which announced that asset purchases will be reduced by $ 15 billion as of November, comforted the crypto currency markets. Powell, who pointed to the coming year as the earliest date for a rate hike, lifted the pressure on the crypto currency markets. This situation Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoin everyone was already anticipating that you could blow their prices. It was expected that one after another new ATH celebrations are being held.

Ethereum (ETH) ATH Refreshed

With a market capitalization reaching $ 550 billion Ethereum (ETH) it set the new ATH level with $4,662. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies THE FED with his statement, he suffered sharp falls in minutes. However, there were no surprises for the markets and there was no interest rate hike. Moreover, the decision taken on reducing asset purchases is also considered quite appropriate. As the month of November THE FED, will make a $15 billion asset purchase reduction. So less money will be pumped into the markets.

Ethereum (ETH) at the time of writing, it continues to find buyers at $4,659. The current price outlook and investor buying pressure indicate that the price may rise further in a short time. The long-awaited goal of 5,000 may come true before the end of the month.

Solana (LEFT) is the new ATH

Another altcoin that has reached an all-time high is Solana (LEFT), the price recently increased to $236.76. According to $235 per day Solana (LEFT) he may be preparing for a bigger rise. Ethereum (ETH) the more important the $5,000 goal is for, the more important the $250 for Solana (LEFT) is. The transformation of these regions into support can also trigger the entry of more investors.

Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (LEFT), who set out with the goal of becoming his killer, made history by doing ATH simultaneously. The fact that smart contracts are becoming more popular within the ecosystem now raises the issue of benefit generation. Crypto coins, which were only speculated on in the past, are now valued with a focus on benefit generation. NFT and DeFi the fact that their platform has received crazy-level attention this year is also ETH, Which affected the prices of SOL.

Investors use NFTs to hold stakes and collections for annual interest. New competitors appeared in banks and auction houses.

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