The Mysterious Whale, Floki Inu (FLOKI) Is Aggressively Increasing Their Presence!


An anonymous BNB whale, worth $3.4 million Floki Inu he bought it. After this mobility, the FLOKI price increased by 30% and caught the trend. Floki, which has managed to stand out among the decoy crypto coins, which are a crowded group, has become one of the most rising altcoins today.

Whale Mobility

An anonymous Binance Smart Chain whale made a purchase of Floki Inu worth $ 3.4 million. The whale is currently holding 12 billion FLOKI he has the token. The first reception was held about a day and 13 hours ago. Floki whale started with a selection of 218,000 tokens, while later 10.5 million were added to the wallet. The largest purchase was made within an hour last day with the purchase of 8 billion Floki Inu. Last action 17 hours ago 7b75 it was recorded at the time when the wallet, ending with, collected an additional billion OCTOBER.

Whale movements, the joke was the doping of crypto currencies. Whales have aggressively increased their crypto-currency assets, which have high volatility. While this increase is reflected in prices FOMO it had its effect. Thanks to this, meme coins have had the opportunity to see incredible price rises in a very short time.

How Did It Affect the Price?

Floki Inu its price has gained more than 30% in a short time. As of the time of this writing, FLOKI has retreated 18% after a peak of $0.00004 in the 24-hour time frame. Whale actions were actually not significantly reflected in the Floki price. According to CMC data, the daily trading volume of the token remained around $ 166 million, while the whale’s purchase orders had only a 2% effect.

However, in the current situation, the 24-hour transaction volume has increased by more than 40% and the FOMO effect is being demonstrated. The rise of meme coins had a boom with Shiba Inu. Meme coins, which swept 1.000% increases in a short time, are the pioneer SHIBwith the decline of , it has lost some of the interest it gained.

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