The Most Winning Crypto Coins of the Day! Double-Digit Earnings Despite Bitcoin!


Bitcoin price continues its volatile course despite the fact that it has made a nice weekly close. In this Evergrande the crisis (Tether risks indirectly) and the infrastructure bill, which is expected to be approved by Biden in a few hours, also have their share. But despite all this, there were also crypto coins that continued the day with a rise. UMA, WINk, KP3R and many other altcoins are rising, while the BTC price is approaching the $ 62,000 support.

Crypto Currency Markets Today

Apart from the details mentioned in the introduction, we have witnessed the depreciation of Tesla shares today. Elon Musk, without saying anything about crypto currencies Bitcoin it can reduce the price. The richest and most mischievous businessman in the world upset Bitcoin fanatics today.

Although everything is turning into a fireball, there are always some assets in the altcoin sunday that continue to have fun. Today UMA (UM), WINk (WIN) and Keep3rV1 (KP3R) brought double-digit earnings to its investors.

The Most Winning Crypto Coins of the Day

Universal Market Access protocol UMA, is an Ethereum-based project focused on the creation of synthetic assets, which are self-executing, self-executing financial contracts that allow people to digitize and automate any real-world financial derivatives. It transports real-world assets to the crypto world.

Sherlock DeFi the protocol of UMA the fact that it was integrated with affected its price by 35%. UMA went up to $ 22.06 today.

WINk, which integrates real-world data and information into the blockchain ecosystem. It is a comprehensive Oracle solution for the Tron ecosystem. WIN, which will be launched on November 18th (NFT) The closed beta test of the Horse game has moved the price up. The project also is a win for the owners THE APPENDIX he also performed airdrop.

Keep3rV1 is a decentralized business network designed to help projects in need of external development connect with people and organizations that can provide the necessary services. FixedForex the price increased by 23% with the news Keep3rV1 (KP3R) it reached as high as $1,185.

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