The Market Is Red, But There Is a Crypto Currency Rising by 30.000 Percent!


On November 10, the leading cryptocurrency began to chart a downward trend after Bitcoin (BTC) saw record highs with $69,000. Many cryptocurrencies have also followed Bitcoin’s movements, and mainly Ethereum downward moves are being seen. Besides Bitcoin it has risen above $57,000, which is seen as a significant support after it was pegged to $56,600 today. however, while the red color dominates the market, it seems that some altcoins have increased by more than 50%.

These Coins Are on the Rise

Binance according to its data, it is the crypto currency that has risen the most in the last 24 hours MOBOX (MBOX) It has happened. MBOX, which has experienced a 54% increase in the last 24 hours, is trading at the level of 7.3 dollars as of the moment the article was written.

With 33% experiencing the highest rise after MBOX The Sandbox (SAND) It has happened. SAND, which was trading at $4.43 at the time the article was being prepared for publication, broke its own record with $4.5 today.

According to Binance data, with 18% from SAND Shield Guild Games (YGG), with 15% ALICE, with 13% Chromia (CHR) and again with 13% Algorand (ALGO) has been the most rising crypto currencies.

30.000% Increase

On the CoinMatketCap side, although there have been declines in the market, there has been an increase of approximately 30.000% in the last 24 hours Genopets (GENE) it was the crypto currency that registered the largest increase.

With 2.670% of Genopets CashBackPro (CBP), with 872% Ethereum Meta (ETHM), with 413 Wall Street Inu (WALLSTREETINU), with 394 Angry Squid (Angrysquid) and with 204% NanTrade (NAN) is following.

Due to the ups experienced at this point, it is necessary to remind that there is a benefit for investors to invest by considering the state of the entire market without getting caught up in hype or FOMO.

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