The Litecoin Foundation Has Made a Statement About the False News! Who Broke the Walmart News?


It is agreed that the Litecoin deal published today is a scam. The news claiming that Litecoin has signed an agreement with Walmart, one of the largest retail chains, was also recently published by the Litecoin Foundation. Lee, who caused a decline in the markets by selling his LTC’s about three years ago, again raised a similar issue. Bitcoin (BTC), which reached $ 46,800 with the news of the deal, fell sharply. And where did this unfounded news come from?

Who is the Source of the Walmart News?

Litecoin (LTCthe news, which caused the) to rise sharply, was soon denied. The publication of such a fake news from the official account of the foundation surprised everyone. Walmart the “fake news” statement made by spokeswoman Molly Blakeman caused all markets to turn red. The Bitcoin price is $44,500 on the Binance exchange and Litecoin (LTC) it has 180 levels. LTC, which suddenly jumped to $ 240, dropped to $ 170 in a very short time.

Reuters, CNBC and the news, which was also published on trusted news sources such as Yahoo Finance, was quickly removed after it became clear that it was fake.

According to a statement made by Lee, a Litecoin employee shared the news he saw on GlobeNewswire from an approved account without confirming it. The employee, who later realized that the news was fake, removed the share. But the fact that such a news from the verified account was shared “by mistake” does not seem convincing to anyone. Litecoin announces that it has signed a deal with the largest retail company in the country, but Walmart does not know about it. Many social media users have called for the SEC to investigate the matter and punish those involved for market manipulation. 3 years ago, Lee similarly manipulated the cryptocurrency markets and caused the entire ecosystem to suffer serious losses by saying that he had sold the assets he had.

Walmart has denied the recent Litecoin news, but has announced that it wants to hire an expert staff in the field of crypto money and blockchain.

What is Walmart?

It is the largest retail company in America. The brand, which has a large number of branches, has about 2.3 million employees. Its announced net income is more than $ 500 billion. Sam Walton the company, founded by, has been operating for about 60 years.

Waltonhis family the company, which is managed by, provides services in a large number of countries, including Canada, Brazil, China and Germany. The 19th richest in the world. the net wealth of the Waltons, who have a family, is estimated at $ 175 billion.

Many methods of the brand, which produce extremely successful marketing strategies, are taught as courses in American universities.

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