The Latest Status in Altcoins: XLM, Tron, XRP and ADA – 21.06.2021


Tron, on the other hand, is the leading crypto currency as the shake-up of the crypto currency market continues Bitcoin’s (BTC) total market domination he did not escape the eyes that he continued to protect. Bitcoin has fallen by 17% in the last 7 days, while the state of altcoins seems to be much worse.

Bitcoin’s Dominance Is Not Falling

Bitcoin as of the time of writing, it is trading at $ 32,362, and its market capitalization has declined to $ 600 billion. This decline in Bitcoin has affected altcoins more and it seems that many altcoins in the top 10 are down at least 20%.

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by total market capitalization, is down 23% in 7 days, while Binance Coin %18, Cardano %20, XRP %25, Dogecoin %35, Polkadot 24% and Bitcoin Cash and followed this with 22%. The decline experienced by altcoins has been so drastic that it seems that Binance USD has also managed to enter the top 10 for the time being.

XRP and XLM Price Analysis

One of the altcoins that received the hardest hit was definitely XRP. XRP has been down 10% in the last 24 hours, retreating to $0.66. 0,66 dollar had been a significant support for XRP before, and now it seems that the price has been pulled here again. the loss of 0.66 dollars will open the door to 0.42 dollars.

XLM, which is considered the sister cryptocurrency of XRP, has also been affected as badly as this. XLM has been down 11% in the last 24 hours, pulling up to $0.25. The fact that the XLM price has lost the support of 0.23 dollars may lead to the price falling back to 0.15 dollars. For this, XLM should rise above the 0.30 dollar level and break the downtrend.

The Latest Situation in Tron with Cardano

Cardano, on the other hand, is seen as one of the least affected by the decline. the ISLAND, which has experienced a 10% drop in 24 hours, is still defending its support of $ 1.26. If the ISLAND, which previously struggled for a long time in the support of $ 1.45, misses the current support, the next target of the price will be $ 1.

Justin Sun’s project Tron actually managed to hold on, although it fell by 11% in 24 hours, it only fell by 18% in 7 days. TRON, 24. it ranks next and has not lost its support of $ 0.055. For the TRX/USD pair, the resistance target will be $0.060 and the support point will be $ 0.050.

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