The Latest Status in Altcoins: Reviews of Matic Coin, Chiliz Coin and BitTorrent Coin


The cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin’s (BTC) Although it has started to benefit from its mobility, it can be said that this is not the case for all altcoins. Bitcoin (BTC) gained 14% in a short time and reached the level of 40.000 dollars again. At the same time, Bitcoin’s market dominance has also risen sharply, indicating that altcoins cannot participate in this rise at the same rate.

MATIC Continues Its Rise

The crypto currency market is breaking records even as it is falling hard Polygon (MATIC) he was one of those who reacted positively to this rise. MATIC has gained 9.7% in the last 24 hours, reaching as high as $ 1.58. The all-time record set by the MATIC price is dated May 18 and has still not been updated.

Although MATIC has lost 41% of its value at the level of $ 2.62, according to the famous analyst, it has a chance to make up for it. The famous crypto currency analyst Michael van de Poppe noted that the price jumped from the support of 1,05 dollar on the MATIC/USDT chart he published. According to the chart published by the analyst, the resistance that the MATIC price should break is $ 1.77. If this resistance is not broken, the analyst’s expectation for MATIC is again seen as a decline to the level of 1.05 dollars.

Technical Analysis of CHZ/USDT

Chiliz, on the other hand, was not as lucky as MATIC. The price of CHZ in the last 24 hours, it has lost 0.6% against the USD and 7% against Bitcoin, in fact, this mobility of the BTC has turned out to be harmful. The critical $0.24 support for CHZ seems to be testable once again.

A decrease in the CHZ price below this point will lead to a decrease to the 0.10 dollar level, which has not been seen for a long time. The point that CHZ investors should carefully follow is considered to be 0.18 dollars. The biggest resistance against the CHZ in a possible rise will be the 0.31 dollar.

The Decline For the Price of BTT Is Strengthening

BitTorrent Token (BTT) is also considered to be in place, just like CHZ. BTT is not considered to have survived the wedge formation for the time being, and this indicates that there will be more declines in the short term. The BTT price is currently trading at the level of 0.0035 dollars, and the first support is known as 0.0025 dollars.

For a possible trend reversal, BTT needs to break through the volume of $0.0039. According to the current BTT/USDT chart, this seems unlikely, and BTT may remain in the bearish channel for some time.

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