The Latest Situation in the NFT Markets! The Most Popular NFT Projects!


There have been two fluctuations in the market this year that are consistent with searches on the Internet for the term NFT. Many investors or collectors have received NFTs to profit from the increased interest. So what is the latest situation in the NFT markets? Will the FPS that saw the bottom go up again?

NFT Markets

Collection and art NFTthe combined sales of the 4th of 2021. as of the quarter, it reached 7.4 billion dollars. Art NFT November sunday, the market increased from $ 17.8 million on January 1 to $ 1.8 billion in total sales as of November 5, 2021. at the beginning of 2021, collectible items NFT its sunday started with a total sales volume of $55.5 million. It has since grown to $5.6 billion.

It is an important achievement that the NFT sunday, expressed in a few million dollars months ago, has increased to the billion dollar level. Many collections have found buyers at record prices. Rare, which reached a record $3.4 million on October 26 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTrecord sales, such as that of, NFT it helps us to better understand the craziness of its sunday. According to DappRadar, it was released in April 2021 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT the art series represented about $1 billion in total sales this year.

The Most Popular NFT Projects!

Pedro Herrera, senior Analyst at DappRadar, said:

NFT‘s created a new investor profile in the crypto currency markets. We are facing a completely new mass of investors”.

Two Fluctuations in the NFT Sunday

There have been two fluctuations in the market this year, coinciding with strong increases in internet searches for the term “NFT”. The first one took place after the highest price paid for an NFT.

Everydays: The First 5,000 Days her photo collage was sold on Christie’s auction site for $ 69 million. We witnessed the first NFT sold by auction on March 11. Sunday April 1, the market volume increased to $ 83 million, from $ 32 million by the beginning of March.

September July 31st and September 30th were the second summ dec. In this december, the market jumped from $ 1.2 billion to $ 4.65 billion. CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club during this period, it made a serious noise in the market, and Visa also joined it.

Who Owns the NFT Sunday?

April dec September end of the crypto analytics firm Moonstream conducted a review covering the Ethereum network. According to the report created by the company, there is a big disparity in the Ethereum NFT sunday. NFT it was found that there is a 16.71% group that controls 80.98% of the owners. The report also mentions that 83.29% of wallets that make NFT purchases have a volume of less than 10 ETH.

The Harris Poll and Adweek in an April survey conducted by, of the 1,088 respondents surveyed, 40% said they were “familiar” with NFTs. The proportion of NFT investors remained at 12%. The generational divide in the survey also attracts attention. 27% of American Millennial respondents say they have invested in NFT. It is worth noting that this survey was conducted among the “collectorsdec.

Bobby Ong, co-founder and chief operating officer of CoinGecko, said:

“Perhaps one of the biggest signs of the entry of traditional art collectors into the NFT sunday is, Christie’s and Sotheby’s this is due to the fact that traditional auction houses such as DEC NFT organize auctions and fill the gap between NFTs and art collectors”.

In the light of all this information NFTwe can understand that the is not a bubble, but the real values are deciphered a little among the crowds. It’s like the early days of something new and wonderful, isn’t it?

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