The Latest Situation in Altcoins: Ethereum, Solana, Dogecoin and Holo Price Forecasts!


Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen simultaneously with the infrastructure bill. Although the bill was approved by Biden, it has not yet entered into force. Cryptocurrency this bill, which has a lot of uncertainties that worry its investors, also depresses the markets. As the article is being prepared, Bitcoin is trying to hold on to the critical $60,000 support.

I ethereu (ETH)

During the summer period Bitcoin he finds a buyer for $ 60,030. After the publication of the article, the price may fall even lower, and most likely, the bad scenarios described here will begin to happen. Another possibility is the scenario of trapping investors who will open short positions. If the price attacks the 62.000 region from here, a significant part of the high-leverage short positions will be liquidated.

Ethereum (ETH) today, it loosened up to $4,100 but did not lose the critical zone. Despite this Bitcoin under his leadership, there is a risk of sagging below $ 4,000.

Ethereum as this article is being prepared, it continues to find buyers at $ 4,265. Due to the current price, almost all moving averages send a bearish signal. RSI in the oversold zone, the decline in volume also confirms the strength of the bears. If the price loosens below the 4.100 zone, it could needle up to the 3.700 dollar (demand zone) level. The volatility of the price will be maintained in the coming hours, so it is useful to check your current stop zones.

Solana (LEFT)

The RSI is easing below the neutral zone, sellers have their hands in response to the risk of further price falls LEFT reduced its amount. Who found a buyer for $ 224 at the time of writing Solana (LEFT) he is trying to maintain his $220 support. If the price loosens below $200 in the short term, it will give a risky buying opportunity. The Solana, which will fall below the short-term rising trend line in this region, may further deepen its losses. It is largely the price of Bitcoin that will determine this.

In the above scenario, more than $ 240 can enable new buyers to get involved in the game. In this case, a new ATH test may come, provided that it depends on the general market conditions. Short-term investors need to be more careful between DEC 200 and 220.

Dogecoin (DOGE) and Holo (HOT)

Intense pressure from sellers Dogecoin it reduced its price by as much as 0.22% during the day. In previous articles, we mentioned that the 0,22 and 0,20 regions will now be the last fortress. It was expected and did not appear below the level of 0.22. In the short term THE DOGE it may have given a good buying opportunity. At the time of writing, it continues to find buyers at $ 0.24. Dogecoin there are two rising trend lines on the chart. One of them is in the 0.28 region and the other is in the 0.22 band. The third rising trend line may be pulled to the 0.42 zone. Dogecoin has lost 2 of them, there is a level of 0.22 left as the last castle. If the price is also permanent below this level, we may witness deeper losses.

Holo (HOT) at the time of writing, it is trying to find a buyer for $ 0.0127. As with other altcoins HOT the chart also notes intense sales pressure. Despite the possibility of Bitcoin easing to $ 53,000, investors made quick exits from altcoins. This situation naturally pushed prices to the bottom. If the price, which is currently above the 200-day averages, can maintain the support of 0.0117, its losses will be limited. Do not forget to set your stops close to the support levels.

Disclaimer Of Liability: The information contained in this article absolutely does not contain investment advice. Investors should be aware that crypto currencies carry high volatility and therefore risk, and they should conduct their transactions in accordance with their own research.
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