The Largest Altcoin Ethereum (ETH) Has Exceeded the $ 4,500 Threshold


The second most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum, managed to surpass the $4,500 mark, surpassing an important milestone. ETH maintains its upward trend with its deflationary structure. The leading altcoin has developed an all-time high, surpassing the 4,500 dollar.

Ethereum Is Rising

The leading altcoin of the cryptocurrency market Ethereum, it reached an all-time high, surpassing $4,500 today while maintaining its uptrend. ETH has maintained its bull run momentum in recent days. Thanks to this, Ethereum, which registered ATH, delighted its investors.

There are many reasons behind this increase. Ethereum the development of the 2.0 project, the successful completion of the Altair update, the amount of ETH burned has reached gigantic proportions, the on-chain view, the frenzy in the NFT sector, the general market trend, the amount of Ethereum on the stock exchanges is approaching the lowest levels in history, and more are among the factors that increase the price of Ethereum.

Expert Expectations

The most up-to-date price forecast came from Goldman Sachs analysts. According to Goldman Sachs experts, the price of Ethereum can climb up to $ 8,000 within a two-month time frame. Goldman Sachs experts, who prepared a report as a result of correlation with dollar movements, predicted that the ETH price would rise to $8,000 in a short time if similar trends continued.

However, many analysts, Ethereum it expresses important figures in price expectations. There are experienced analysts who say that the ETH price expectation is $ 35,000 in the long run.

The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, it reached $64,300 during the day, keeping the market trend in the green zone. Yesilmaz

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