The Great Success of the Ninja Trader Team! The Ninja Squad NFT Collection Is Sold Out in Minutes


2nd of Turkey, which has been talked about a lot lately. big NFT The collection project is Ninja Squad The NFT Collection has been a great success over the past day. So much so that the collection went on sale the other day and sold out in just minutes.

The Ninja Squad NFT Collection Is Sold Out in Minutes

Firstly Ninja Squad Let’s all take a look at this together. The Ninja Squad NFT collection is the second NFT collection to be released from Turkey.

This collection Krypto Kemal and the NFT consultant, which is closely followed by NFT lovers Bekir Çağrı Steel there are 8888 NFTs with a different degree of “rarity” in this collection, each of which is hand-drawn by Aydar to be different from each other.

The Ninja Traders team has announced that they are working on an NFT project with a statement they made in recent months. Ninja Traders this collection, developed by his team, has received a lot of attention in the crypto currency community.

On November 19, the Whitelist of the project was held, and the Public Sale of the project took place at 22:00 Turkish time the other day. The Ninja Trader team put it up for sale last night“Ninja Squad” his collection attracted a lot of attention, and the entire collection sold out within minutes of the start of sales.

Low Transaction Fee

A large share of NFT collections uses the Ethereum infrastructure. However, these collections the mint the high network density experienced during the migration phase causes high transaction fees.

But Ninja Traders team with the improvements they have made on the technical side, they have managed to minimize transaction fees as much as possible. So much so that as a result of the improvements made by the team, it was able to reduce transaction fees in the december of 20-50 dollars, which increased depending on the network density.

Descriptions of the Ninja Traders Team

I would like to note that it is quite a flattering situation for a Turkish project to achieve such a successful sale. The Ninja traders team also seems to have similar feelings following the sale.

So much so that the founder of the ”Ninja Squad” collection Kemal Hicyilmaz, he took to Twitter after the sale and thanked everyone who supported him. Kemal Neveryilmaz gave the following statements in his share;

“I don’t know what to say… it was one of the most important days in my life. Without upsetting anyone, our sale to a maximum of $ 50 was completed in about 5 minutes. Thank you all for your support”

748 ETH Collected

Ninja traders team, the mint price 0.088 Ethereum (ETH), whose “Ninja Squad” has collected 748 Ethereum with a market capitalization of $3.2 million from the sale of the collection. The proceeds from the sale of NFT were distributed within the team at certain rates.

As CoinTurk Ninja Traders we congratulate the team on this initiative and their successful sales.

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